Introducing Dodge’s First Chief Donut Maker

Chief Donut Maker Featured Image. Photo: Dodge
Chief Donut Maker Featured Image. Photo: Dodge

Preston Patterson went on a journey of a lifetime. For donuts.

“Well kid, you did it,” said champion wrestler Bill Goldberg. “Come get your key.” When Goldberg uttered these words to Preston Patterson declaring him the chief donut maker, he wasn’t giving him the keys to the kitchen. Rather, he handed him the key to a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. No sugar. No jelly fillings. The only thing Patterson will be glazing is the highway. A whopping 173,500 plus muscle car-loving hopefuls applied for this sweet position. But alas, there can only be one chief donut maker.

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Donut Maker Finalists. Photo: Dodge

Donut Maker finalists. Photo: Dodge

The Dodge Chief Donut Maker Competition

The four-month-long search for Dodge’s first-ever chief donut maker began with applications. Next, each applicant submitted a short video. Then in March, 10 finalists were revealed. That’s when the real fun kicked off. Radford Racing School in Arizona became ground zero. There, finalists tackled a series of challenges–which no doubt included donut making. With eliminations akin to a reality TV show, two contestants made it to the final round: Patterson and Lauren F. The other eight finalists included Abbie K. (Burley, Idaho), Artie S. (Brooklyn, New York), Corrie M. (Las Vegas, Nevada), Edgar C. (Taylorsville, Utah), Jamie H. (Birmingham, Alabama), James O. (La Vergne, Tennessee),  Melissa W. (Highland Lakes, New Jersey), and Pauline Y. (Monterey, California).

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Smoking Tires! Photo: Dodge

Smoking tires! Photo: Dodge

Dodge enlisted Goldberg to oversee the competition. Celebrity appearances from Joey Wells and Will “Spank” Horton from Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew added to the fun. NHRA champion Matt Hagan and sportscaster Katie Osborne also participated.

For the final showdown, the remaining duo tackled four challenges. First, red light green light where quick reactions win the game. Second, rapid-fire muscle car trivia questions. Third, autocross burnout where the finalists not only had to endure an autocross lap with no traction but also had to impress with ramped up burnout upon take off. Finally, the donut maker, because if you want to be the chief donut maker, you have to prove your skills.

Both contestants excelled in all four tests. But, Patterson edged out the competition on the road to donut glory. He also received high praise from Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis. “After a nearly four-month search for our chief donut maker, we were blown away by our 10 finalists, and how each uniquely embodied the very best of the Dodge brand,” said Kuniskis. “We put our candidates to the test both on and off the track and Preston never lifted, proving that he possesses the knowledge, character, and drive to represent the Brotherhood of Muscle.”

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Donut Maker Interview. Photo: Dodge

Donut Maker interview. Photo: Dodge

The Dodge Chief Donut Maker Job Package

So if you’re not making donuts, what does a chief donut maker do? It turns out, the job description for this position is just as sweet as its title. For a one-year commitment, Patterson will earn $150,000, receive keys to a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat for his “company car” and access to some of the auto industry’s biggest events where he’ll represent Dodge and, as Kuniskis put it, the “Brotherhood of Muscle.”

And how does the newly appointed chief donut maker feel about this new position?

“To go from a kid who had a poster of a Dodge Viper on my bedroom wall to being handed the keys to a Dodge Challenger Hellcat as my company car is beyond my wildest dreams,” said Patterson. “I’m 100% ready for my first assignment as chief donut maker, and I’m looking forward to representing Dodge and the Brotherhood of Muscle at some epic automotive events in this next year, especially Roadkill Nights this summer.”

To see how Patterson won this sugary title check out the web series airing now on

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