Billie Eilish’s Dodge Challenger : A Teenage Dream

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“I had a dream, I got everything I wanted”…

Billie Elish’s popular track plays in the background as I sit here daydreaming of going outside and everything getting back to normal on the other side of this pandemic. Here’s an idea, let’s forget for a minute and daydream together about the popstar’s dream car collection. During these times, her music is a blessing. Billie Eilish hits me in my feelings and style cues in ways others do not. And while I admire her style and musical talent, she’s got great taste in cars, too. Her first car is her dream car: the Dodge Challenger. Billie Eilish’s Dodge Challenger is a teenage dream.

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Who is Billie Eilish? 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or caught up in the hustle of everyday life, you’re now stuck indoors and have plenty of time to research her catalog. This young professional singer/ songwriter is breaking down female stereotypes from her colorful and covered up looks, bold creativity, and emotional, deep music. Billie’s net worth is $6 million and she’s only 18! So what does her car Dragon look like? Let’s get a glimpse at her Dodge Challenger and check out how it best matches Billie Eilish’s vibe. 

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Billie Driving in Her Video is A Total Mood

The popstar is featured taking a scenic drive in what seems to be California (or in her mind) with her brother in her music video for the song, “Everything I Wanted.” That feeling when you go for a therapeutic drive- maybe you’re upset or stressed out- and you just drive, that’s what you see in the video. But the song is about something deeper. One being her close relationship with her brother, Finneas who is also her music partner. The other being mental health-related where she deals with impostor-syndrome. I think we all can relate to that in life at times and while Billie was criticized for the suicide scene in the video, she explained that wasn’t her purpose.

Gayle King Billie Eilish Credit Cbs This Morning

Billie Eilish and Gayle King went out for a spin in Dragon. ?: CBS This Morning

This Female-Empowering Queen of Dragons Slays in Her Dodge Challenger

Billie Eilish received her first car as a present from her record label on her 17th birthday. Here’s the catch: she could only drive it with her learner’s permit and parents in the car. After that brief period, she was ready to drive off on her own. She successfully passed her driver’s test, and it’s been a joyride ever since then.


This is Definitely A Teen’s Dream Car. Of Course, You’d Want to Drive off in a Sports Car with This Much Power.

The Dodge Challenger starts at $27,995 with the SXT and ranges all the way to the SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody starting at $78,295. This matte-black Dodge Challenger has a 3.6-liter V6 engine and 8-speed automatic transmission with 303 horsepower. It has a combined 23 mpg fuel economy and sultry, all-black interior. It’s the perfect car to represent the deep, emotional, and intriguing artist Billie Eilish.

We are Emotionally Attached to Our Dream Cars, and This One Suits Billie’s Style So Well.

You can tell she is attached to “Dragon” with it making its way into her music videos and Instagram posts. Billie also likes to post up on Instagram to show her outfits coordinating with the car. I wish I could raid that closet and take a drive with her. Oversized hats, tops, and pants with a fresh pair of sneakers mean she is ready to step out.

Her cool, comfy, and confident style is iconic much like her ride. And just like Billie’s style and vocalizations, you know the Challenger when you see it coasting down the street. Once we are on the other side of coronavirus, hopefully, we can see more of Billie and “Dragon” on the road again. On Instagram, at least. 

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