Harman Wants To Transform Your Car Into The Perfect Office on the Go

Photo: Harman

You might know Harman because of its great partnership with Kardon speakers, but the company is so much more.

In fact, Harman took to the stage earlier this year to show off a whole suite of new technologies that can transform the automotive experience. Gone are the days where we use our cars for nothing more than transportation, so why haven’t we really outfitted our cars to reflect that?

Harman asked the same questions, and it found some solutions. Its three new Experiences per Mile, or ExPs, really show off what cars can do if we just tweak the tech. From hosting a concert to enjoying an immersive gaming experience to being able to effectively work on the go, Harman knows what people want, and it has created these ExPs to reflect that.

It’s important to note that these aren’t projects that Harman is actually releasing. Instead, the company is imagining what the near future could look like with technologies Harman is already developing.

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Do your editing right from the steering wheel. Photo: Harman

An On-the-Go Workspace

If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty much always ‘at work,’ no matter where you are. I love to travel and explore, and when an idea strikes, I want to be able to start working on it ASAP, before I lose my inspiration. That’s not always feasible in my current car, a 2013 Mazda 2 from the pre-infotainment era!

That’s why I’m loving the Harman ExP Creator Studio concept. While Harman envisions that this will be used for a more musical kind of creativity, I can imagine still using this for recording ideas as they come to mind, doing interviews on the go, and even recording podcasts.

This ExP includes:

  • Editing capabilities via steering wheel
  • Automatic background noise reduction for clear audio
  • A virtual assistant that can prep content for publication, including creating a title and header image
  • Immersive sound, different camera angles to pick what’s most flattering for you, and expressive lighting

This is a seriously great idea for anyone who blogs, shoots video or pictures, records podcasts, makes music—honestly, anything!

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There are even large screens in the rear seats to enable all passengers to join in the fun. Photo: Harman

Gaming Experiences for Everyone

Video games may not be everybody’s thing, but I can guarantee most families have at least one kiddo that just loves gaming. I know a lot of parents who reserve specific video games for their kids to play in the car to keep them occupied, and my family has never hesitated to pack up the portable consoles for a long trip.

Harman wants to take that to the next level by turning the cabin of the car into an immersive gaming experience called Gaming Intense Max. It has tons of stuff:

  • 5G connectivity
  • Automatic audio chat clearing that reduces background noise
  • High-resolution screens, which can be projected on the windshield
  • Lighting, sound, and haptic feedback that matches the game at hand
  • Headrest speakers

And if you’re not into gaming, I can easily imagine tons of different opportunities. If you can stream a game, I bet you could easily also have an immersive movie or TV show experience, which would also be really great for anyone who spends tons of time waiting to pick up their kiddos from various appointments.

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Chat with your favorite artists in real time. Photo: Harman

Live Music? Yes, Please!

Harman’s Drive-Live Concert ExP is one that will likely be least applicable to families or working women on the go, but it’s still one close to my heart. It basically enables you to stream concerts on demand, with high-quality 5G, audio, and visuals making it feel as if you’re in an intimate venue with your favorite artist. COVID-19 has robbed us of the traditional concert experience, and Harman has imagined this ExP as having a way for fans to interact with each other and with the artist. Sign me up!


I’m in love with the headrest speaker concept. Photo: Harman

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