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Harman Harman Kardon
Jessica Adnson demoed a host of new products at the Harman booth at CES. Photo: Liv Leigh
January 29, 2024
Harman immersed guests at the 2024 Consumers Electronic Show in safety, fun and convenience with their Ready Vision QVUE, part…
A Girls Guide To Cars | New Automotive Safety Systems Will Soon Be Able Communicate With Traffic Lights, Bridges And Toll Roads, Thanks To Harman - Jeep Compass Dash
February 24, 2022
If your car could talk to traffic lights and roads, could you drive more safely? Well, that's next, thanks to…
Photo: Harman
March 5, 2021
Gone are the days where we use our cars for nothing more than transportation, and Harman is reimagining the car…