Genesis Created the “White Glove” Car Shopping Experience You Never Thought Existed

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Genesis Concierge will deliver your new car wherever you desire along with the paperwork. ?: Genesis

The Genesis Concierge is at your service.

You know the concierge. They can make that impossible-to-get restaurant reservation, arrange a private shopping appointment at Saks Fifth Avenue or secure front row seats to Hamilton. And now, if you’re purchasing or leasing a new Genesis, you can have a concierge –a Genesis insure show knows all the details– walk you through the entire process, anticipating the bumps and easing the pain points.

Genesis is pushing the boundaries of car shopping for luxury vehicles. This week the car maker announced the Genesis Concierge Service, their national “white glove” program that offers an enhanced luxury experience with tailored service and direct communication with the brand itself. This is the new era of personal shopping and at-home test drives at your convenience, taking the purchase experience to the next level: buyers will have a Genesis insider guiding them through the process.

The world has needed a new way to shop for cars, so were are glad to see this innovation come to life. 

Ramping Up the Luxe Factor

A few years ago when Genesis, the luxury arm of Hyundai, emerged as its own stand-alone brand. The company found that many buyers would rather have the car delivered to them for a test drive and to complete the purchase, so the company began delivering the car to customers, and created a valet service that would also pick up and  deliver the car for service (which is complimentary for the first few years).

This left Genesis well suited to adapt to touchless transitions in the Coronavirus pandemic. But the company decided to take this a step further by offering inside insight to customers on the purchase journey.  This is a positive shift to allow you to feel empowered and not feel the pressure of walking into a dealership or negotiating on a product you may not be all that familiar with.

And with pricing that can vary from dealer to dealer, it can feel a bit tricky to navigate shopping for a car on your own terms. So, the Genesis Concierge Service takes care of this: you’ll have your own personal shopper who works directly with the manufacturer to guide you. (Note: The Genesis Concierge will work with your local dealer, so you’re getting all the important details you need to best meet your timeframe and needs.)

This is huge. Customers can feel confident with the experience because the concierge is giving you unbiased information and undivided attention.


Genesis Concierge Allows You Purchase Or Lease Your Car From Home

Genesis has made it easier to purchase or lease from home, without ever stepping into a car dealership. You deal directly with Genesis and they handle the rest. ?: Genesis

A New Way to Do Things: How It Works

Throughout the experience your dedicated personal shopper is with you (well, really, you’ll connect with the Concierge through the brand’s digital portal) from the start until the delivery of your new car. First, you’ll fill out a form to express interest and choose how you want to communicate, by phone, text, or e-mail.

You’re in control of the process and so you won’t feel pushed to make any decisions. After a quick chat they’ll be able to share and compare vehicles to meet your needs. Unsure which package will be best for you? Ask your concierge and they’ll address all concerns and questions at every step of the way, until you feel ready to set up the delivery of your car and paperwork. Isn’t that the type of service you’d expect in 2020?


Test Drive Your Future New Genesis From The Safety Of Your Own Home

Test drive your future new Genesis from the safety of your own home. Then, allow your concierge to deliver on that easy, seamless purchase or lease experience. ?: Genesis

Going Beyond the Concierge to Keep Genesis Owners Happy

While it may sound like a nice perk, the Genesis Concierge Service is a natural next step, aligning with the brand’s initiatives, such as a valet for having your Genesis serviced and Genesis Care, the manufacturer’s program designed to help owners who may have lost a job or income stream. Genesis Care allows owners to stay in their financed and leased vehicles with solutions such as deferred payments.

While the world is social distancing and staying at home to help curb the crisis, Genesis is making it easier to shop with confidence; you can still get a new car and now, you have a friend in the car business to make sure you get the right car and a great experience. And when restaurants are back up and running, our guess is that they’ll help with reservations, too!   

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