5 Things I Love About The Genesis GV70

Gv70 At The Beach. Photo: Sara Lacey
GV70 at the beach. Photo: Sara Lacey

It’s not fair that I could only pick five favorites. Genesis packed so much in the GV70.

I got to test drive with the Genesis GV70 in Los Angeles, during some cloudy weather. While the weather matched the paint job, it definitely did not match my mood in the Genesis. There is so much to love about this vehicle, and I enjoyed the test drive. Here are five things that really stood out to me. Trust me when I say this was not an easy assignment, and forgive me for painting with some broad strokes for a few of my picks.

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Genesis Gv70 Is Beautiful At The Beach. Photo By Sara Lacey

Genesis GV70 is beautiful at the beach. Photo: Sara Lacey

1. GV70’s super hot exterior

The GV70 had a matte charcoal metallic paint job that was exceptionally beautiful. It really highlighted the angles and curves of the vehicle. Additionally, the color isn’t very common so it catches people’s eyes. I pulled out of the parking garage, and by the end of the block had already had multiple people staring at the vehicle. This head-turning paint job will cost an extra $1,500. Worth it.

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Genesis Gv70 Exterior With Palm Trees. Photo By Sara Lacey

Genesis GV70 exterior with palm trees. Photo: Sara Lacey

2. GV70’s super hot interior, also

As much as I love how fantastic the Genesis GV70 looks on the outside, the inside is so dazzling. Red Nappa leather interior smacked me in the face when I opened the door. Equally fun was when I sat down and looked around; I started to notice all these other fabulous trim pieces and details. Carbon fiber, aluminum, and a suede headliner kept the impact high every time I got back in the vehicle. I loved that the seats were not also red, as that would have been a bit much. Way to rein it in, Genesis!

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Genesis Gv70 Cockpit. Photo By Sara Lacey

Genesis GV70 Cockpit. Photo: Sara Lacey

3. Genesis’ speed and drive mode select

If you want it, there is so much speed to be had in the GV70. The Drive Mode select allows the driver to customize how much speed and power they want from the 375 horsepower twin turbo V6. In Sport+, the vehicle feels like it kicks. It’s really fun. Additionally, you can put the GV70 into Launch Mode which is for closed track environments. I did not have that environment so I did not test it. I wasn’t too sad, as I had plenty of fun in Sport and Sport+ modes.

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Genesis Gv70 Knobs And Buttons. Photo By Sara Lacey

Genesis GV70 knobs and buttons. Photo: Sara Lacey

4. GV70 wants to know if I want my engine sound regular or spicy

The aforementioned 375 horsepower twin turbo V6 sounds amazing. To be fully transparent, it helps that it’s boosted a little by the Active Sound Design function. Active Sound Design provides “enhanced virtual engine sound” when you put the hammer down. If you don’t enjoy as much engine noise as I do, you can select from four options: Strong, Normal, Soft, and Off. Nifty! Can I get that for my kids? Just kidding, kids.

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5. Genesis’ fancy driver’s seat

You guys. I’m not sure you are ready for what I’m about to say. The GV70’s driver’s seat will analyze your posture. And after it tells you your posture is “Very Bad,” I mean, in need of adjustment, it will make a recommendation for you.

I Have Very Bad Posture, According To The Gv70. Photo By Sara Lacey

I have very bad posture, according to the GV70. Photo: Sara Lacey

Once it analyzes and recommends, you can opt to move the seat to the recommended position. Which I did. I’m sure my mom would be very happy about this.

The Gv70'S Posture Recommendation. Photo By Sara Lacey

The GV70’s posture recommendation. Photo: Sara Lacey

Beyond the posture recommendation, the seat also has a Comfort Stretch feature that you can activate while driving. With the press of a button on the side of the seat, the cushions will move to stretch your muscles while on a long drive. Or even a short drive. The stretching sessions are adjustable and you can program them to last 10, 15, or 20 minutes. Unfortunately, I could not activate the stretch program while just sitting in Park. It’s probably for the better, as I’d never leave the vehicle.

But I want to share more!

There is really so much packed into the GV70, I could go on and on. My test vehicle rang up at $65,045, so there were a lot of options. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about the Genesis GV70.

Disclosure: Genesis provided the GV 70 for this test drive but all opinions are my own.

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