2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 – A Stunning Electric SUV with Stats to Boot

Thoughtful ergonomic touches like easy entry, driver settings and easy door handles make the stylish Genesis Electrified GV70 electric SUV a delight to drive

Genesis Electrified Gv70
If you can’t tell from the smile, I love the Genesis Electrified GV70. It’s a joy to look at and a pleasure to drive Photo: Patrick Anderson

Luxury, Style, and Performance in a Silent Package

The Genesis Electrified GV70 slid into my driveway as I was putting up Halloween decorations. “Holy smokes.” I uttered under my breath, peering from behind a dangling skeleton. This car has PRESENCE! And not in a “spooky” way, but in the “excuse me, have you seen how gorgeous I am?” way. I looked down at my disheveled dress and immediately went and changed into something more appropriate for my date with the Genesis GV70 electric SUV. It demands the polish and poise it embodies. The unusual Makalu Gray Matte finish sparkles subtly and the bold armor of the diamond patterned front grille leads the way with undeniable confidence.

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The Genesis Electrified Gv70 Electric Suv Cabin Is Stylish And Swanky. Oval Accents In Brushed Aluminum Trim Mesh Beautifully With The Textiles

The cabin is stylish and swanky. Oval accents in brushed aluminum trim mesh beautifully with the textiles. Photo: Liv Leigh

Smart, Simple, Ergonomic Design in the Genesis Electrified GV70

Traditional door handles are an ergonomic relief in a sea of inventive new handles that are sometimes not as easy for those with dexterity issues. Slip into the driver’s seat as it automatically adjusts for easy entry, and the steering wheel does the same. The instrument cluster greets you with a technologically tuned screen packed with adjustable features without being visually overwhelming. For a fun tweak in the Prestige Trim, activate the 3D instrument cluster and turn the dash into a futuristic display as the dials and digits somehow project 3 dimensionally, ever so slightly. The optional heads-up display brings even more elegant tech to your driving experience.

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The Gv70 Electric Suv Is Sprinkled With Little Conveniences Like Seat Adjustment Buttons On The Driver’s Side Of The Front Passenger Seat

The GV70 is sprinkled with little conveniences like seat adjustment buttons on the driver’s side of the front passenger seat. Photo: Liv Leigh

This Electric SUV’s Key Stats

  • Price starts at $66,450
  • 236 miles of range
  • 429 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque
  • Is only available in all wheel drive
  • The model in this story boasted Makalu Gray Matte paint for a $1,500 upgrade
  • The Prestige Package, $6,800, elevates with things like a 12.3-inch 3D Digital Instrument Cluster, a Heads-Up Display, a heated steering wheel, heated 2nd-row seats, and luxurious materials

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The Ambient Lighting Gorgeously Accentuates And Enhances The Design Of The Genesis Electrified Gv70.

The ambient lighting gorgeously accentuates and enhances the design of the Genesis Electrified GV70. Photo: Liv Leigh

Gotta Love Ambient Lighting in a Sleek, Light Interior

As good as this car looks on the outside, and it looks GOOD, you will feel just as fabulous every time you slide into the gorgeously classy cabin. Being someone who rarely has a “natural” hair color, I’m not normally a fan of light interiors. But the creamy glacier white Nappa leather seating (and it’s nice to see real leather; so many electric cars have eliminated it as a choice) and cushy microfiber suede headliner is just so plush and inviting that I would for sure pick this over other options. As a bonus, this luxe light interior also beautifully shows off the ambient lighting at night. The rich textiles that line the cabin of the Genesis Electrified GV70 are highlighted by a satin soft metal trim forming oval accents in a cohesive design scheme that is reminiscent of the slightly more playful GV60. Another nod to the GV60 can be found in the crystalline edges of the control dial and gear shifter.

The Front Crystal Knob Allows The Driver To Easily Navigate The Multimedia Display Of The Genesis Electrified Gv70 Electric Suv

The front crystal knob allows the driver to easily navigate the multimedia display. Photo: Liv Leigh

Brushed Aluminum, Buttery Soft Leather, and Crystalline Dials

The 14.5 inch multimedia display perches almost beyond reach, which seems odd but makes sense as you rest your right hand on the center console. A playground of well-positioned buttons, scroll wheels, and a large crystal dial sit below your palm and allow for complete navigation and control of the screen without having to touch it. Though you can if you wish; it’s a touch screen too. It figures that this elegant car would come with a way to use the multimedia without getting fingerprints on the screen but you still can swipe away through the plethora of digital offerings to your heart’s content. I honestly do still wish it was a bit closer so you don’t have to stretch over to reach it.

The Rear Seats In The Genesis Gv70 Are Spacious And Just As Luxurious As The Front

The rear seats in the Genesis GV70 are spacious and just as luxurious as the front. Photo: Liv Leigh

She’s Stylish But She’s Powerful, Too

Every trim and texture is perfectly tailored to compliment the decadently luxurious design. The GV70 looks good inside and out and, when you press the accelerator, it FEELS so good too. The powerful acceleration smoothly slides you forwards with instant electric torque and a buttery suspension. If that isn’t enough, the Electrified GV70 has a boost button that makes this car feel like a jet INSTANTLY. Literally – like a rocket boost! Boost mode only lasts for about 10 seconds, but it adds 54 HP in those seconds, and you feel every single G force. Tap the Boost button to zoom onto an onramp, zip around someone, or even just to feel like a superhero. You surely will want to.

It May Be Unique To Me, But I Often Have A Hula Hoop In The Back Of My Car. It’s Rare For A Vehicle To Fit This Hoop Lying Down So Well

It may be unique to me, but I often have a hula hoop in the back of my car. It’s rare for a vehicle to fit this hoop lying down so well. Photo: Liv Leigh

You’ll Love the…

  • The supremely elegant and modern looks
  • The super fast charging taking you from 10-80% in 18 minutes
  • The adjustable seat bolstering for a sportier ride
  • The expansive glass roof with powered cover that seamlessly matched the microsuede headliner
  • Heated and ventilated MASSAGING seats
  • The seamless charging port that’s capable of Vehicle to Load (aka charging something with the vehicle)
The Genesis Electrified Gv70'S Charging Port Is Seamlessly Integrated Into The Diamond Grille

The Genesis Electrified GV70’s charging port is seamlessly integrated into the diamond grille. Photo: Liv Leigh

Style Raises the Game

The Genesis GV70 Electrified is simply a stunner. The attention to detail, the quiet ride, the silent motor, quick charging and a decent electric driving range add up to a car that is a dream to drive and a haven to be inside. I appreciated some of the details that make accommodating my own needs less of a hassle, such as being able to set my driver preferences, easy entry, ergonomically easy door handles and central buttons to move the front passenger’s seat. That it made me up my own game so I look the part of a Genesis Electrified GV70 driver? All the better.

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