Hot Off the Press: The 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 and I Hit it Off

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Meet the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 Photo: Volkswagen

It wasn’t a long engagement.

But the first look I had at the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 had me thinking about commitment.

If you’re scoping out EVs, the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 is definitely one to add to your list of test drives. There are a lot of reasons to consider purchasing an all-electric vehicle. Volkswagen is holding its own in the EV market, and I got to find out what’s new with the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 and get in a little drive time on the beautiful roads outside Nashville, Tennessee.

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Your First Look At The 2023 Model Of Vw'S Id.4 Photo: Volkswagen

Your first look at the 2023 model of VW’s ID.4. Photo: Volkswagen

Made in America by Americans for Americans.

The ID.4 is assembled in Volkswagen’s plant in Chattanooga. The VW Atlas is also assembled here. There are currently 28K ID.4’s on the road in the United States.

Volkswagen has further cemented its relationship with the local community through its partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority. The TVA is the electric utility provider for Tennessee and six surrounding states. The TVA is currently using ID.4 prototypes with plans to convert their entire fleet of service vehicles to all-electric over the next few years.

The TVA’s ID.4 has a custom graphics package, 18-inch alloys and rugged all-terrain tires, and a Thule brand Canyon Roof Basket and VW carrier bars. These vehicles will show the ID.4’s capability as a work vehicle and help tell the EV story in the community. Currently, 42% of ID.4’s are sold on the west coast. Time will tell if seeing them prominently in the community will cause that demographic to shift.

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Tva'S Id.4 Concept Car

EVs are about to get a whole lot more visible in Tennessee. Photo: Jill Robbins

This isn’t TVA’s first alliance with EVs. In 1978, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) selected TVA to conduct field testing of EVs. This “electro transporter” ran on 24 12V batteries and had a range of 46.2 miles and a top speed of 48 mph. I think it’s fun to see how far we’ve come. It’s a nice “full circle” moment for both Volkswagen and TVA.

A Girls Guide To Cars | Hot Off The Press: The 2023 Volkswagen Id.4 And I Hit It Off - Untitled Design 4 2

Then and now. Photo: Volkswagen

The ID.4’s Price Point, Trim Levels, Range, and all the Things you Wanna Know

You can get into a 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 for as little as $37,495. There are three basic trim levels: ID.4 Standard, ID.4 S, and ID.4 Pro S Plus. There are a few variations and options within each trim level, to include an AWD option under each. I drove the ID.4 AWD Pro S, which is what you see in the pictures.

This model has upgraded 20-inch wheels, a panoramic glass roof, and illuminated front and rear VW logo and lightbar, among other premium features. The illuminated logo is super striking and distinctive. This is more of a want than a need for me. However, if I were buying this car, I’d want that little touch. The ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus is at the top end of the price spectrum at $53,745. There’s a big range to play with, depending on what features are important to you.

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Illuminated Rear Logo On 2023 Volkswagen Id.4

The illuminated front and rear logos really did it for me. It’s very distinctive. Photo: Volkswagen

The ID.4’s standard range is 209 miles, with upgraded options to take you up to 275 miles. The cockpit is sleek and just the right touch of futuristic. It’s modern and minimal without being too space station-y, although the interior color here is called “Cosmic.”

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This Trim Was Just The Right Touch Of Futuristic For Me. Photo: Volkswagen

This trim was just the right touch of futuristic for me. Photo: Volkswagen

About Charging…Volkswagen is Sweetening the Deal

Volkswagen is offering three years of fast charging with the purchase of a new 2023 Volkswagen ID.4. Through a collaboration with Electrify America, ID.4 owners will be able to take advantage of unlimited DC charging at one of the 800+ EA locations in the U.S.

Drivers will be able to charge their cars from 10 to 80% in those 30 minutes. If there are still any notions about charging adding a ton of extra time to your day, that should help ease concerns. To note, the EA charging stations have a heavy presence on the coasts, so if you live in the south or middle America, you might want to research the availability of charging stations as well as the plans to add them where you live and drive. The EV industry assures us that the infrastructure is coming, but it isn’t coming at the same speed in all communities.

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Rear Seat Of The Id.4. Photo: Volkswagen

I usually sit in the rear seat of cars I test drive to see what the legroom feels like for a 5’10 adult. I didn’t do that on my abbreviated drive but here is a peep at the back seat. Photo: Volkswagen

So was the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 Fun to Drive?

It was! I took the ID.4 on a pre-determined route through downtown Nashville and onto the lovely rural roads from Nashville to Franklin. I was behind the wheel of the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 for about two hours total. There wasn’t time to fully dig into the bells and whistles and explore all the features and options. That said, I very much enjoyed my time behind the wheel.

I Also Really Loved This Panoramic Roof. Photo: Volkswagen

I also really loved this panoramic roof. Photo: Volkswagen

I used the car’s navigation system instead of Apple Maps, which is usually my go-to. The car tech was pretty easy to use overall. The button to put the car into the park is in a different place than the lever to put the car into reverse, neutral, and drive, which threw me for a few minutes. This was my first time driving an ID.4. I can’t compare my experience to what it’s like to drive earlier models.

My driving experience can be summed up with two words: sporty and comfortable. The ID.4 handled well on inclines and winding, rural roads. The car will give you a warning if you try to change lanes without using your signal or drift out of your lane. It will still let you execute the lane change, but the car pulls to remind you that you ought to be using your blinker.

I Had A Seriously Perfect Day For A Drive On Tennessee'S Back Roads. Photo: Jill Robbins

I had a seriously perfect day for a drive on Tennessee’s back roads. Photo: Jill Robbins

Okay, the Volkswagen ID.4 is fun to Drive. But would I buy it?

Well, I drive a gas-powered crossover in real life, so the ID.4 had a familiar and comfortable feel. If I were in the market for an all-electric crossover-style vehicle, I would give the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 some serious consideration. It’s good-looking, has a decent amount of space in back for groceries and cargo, and it has nice acceleration. My first impressions are usually what tells me whether or not I’m going to like someone for the long haul. I’m not usually wrong. If I’m going to gel with someone, I usually know it pretty quickly.

First impressions with the ID.4? It feels pretty good.

The Writer Poses With Two Volkswagen Id.4S.

I enjoyed my spin in the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 and if I were in the market for an all-electric car, this one would get serious consideration. Photo: Jill Robbins

Disclosure: I was Volkswagen’s guest for the #VWTestDrive in Nashville. Travel and accommodations were paid for by Toyota, all impressions are my own.

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