What Are VW ID.4 AWD’s Best Features? Here are 5 I Loved In this All Electric Car

Volkswagen Id.4 Featured Image. Photo: Kirsten Alana
Volkswagen ID.4 Featured Image. Photo: Kirsten Alana

Los Angeles was a perfect backdrop for me to find five favorite features in the 2022 Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S 

I test drove the 2022 ID.4 AWD Pro S model around Los Angeles, and found a lot to like. The ID.4 Pro S has an MSRP of $51,204 and five-passenger (and many buyers will qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit as well as state and local incentives).

My test model was Dusk Blue with a Black roof exterior, silver roof rails and accents, and silver accents on the front and rear bumpers. The ID.4 had Galaxy Black leatherette interior and a $1,500 gradient package including 20” alloy wheels and all-season tires, creating a sharp look on the outside of the car. The car also had an EV protection package for $334 which added a set of 4 Monster Mats, a heavy-duty truck liner with VW CarGo Blocks, EV roadside assistance kit, and a first aid kit. 

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Id4 Cargo Area. Photo: Kirsten Alana

ID.4 Cargo Area and Emergency Kit. Photo: Kirsten Alana

1. Power-adjustable front seats with heat and massage…standard

As a person with severe chronic pain, I always immediately check for heated seats. They help when my pain is at its worst. So I was thrilled to find heated seats and steering wheel as standard, not just included. But what I was most surprised by was the built-in, four-way lumbar massage in both front seats controlled by a simple push-button on the side of the seat. Again, standard. And Volkswagen says, “you can also add a default setting that will automatically turn on the heated seats and steering wheel on startup if the temperature outside has fallen below a certain level.” For drivers in cold climates this is really important, as it keeps you warm while reserving battery power, which can easily be used up to heat the cabin.

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Power Seats. Photo: Kirsten Alana

Power Seats. Photo: Kirsten Alana

2. 12-inch Touchscreen

The ID.4 comes with a 10-inch infotainment screen but my ID.4 AWD Pro S had the optional, upgraded 12-inch screen. It was large enough to be very useful at a quick glance without even turning my head while being “small” enough to never be a distraction. I have sensory issues that can quickly cause migraines via over-stimulation. The 12-inch screen occupies such a sweet spot because it’s laid out simply; it had no small details or tiny font, it was ideal for drivers like me. 

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Id4 Screens. Photo: Kirsten Alana

ID.4 Screens. Photo: Kirsten Alana

3. The way the ID.4 uses LED lights

In the car’s dash, there’s a strip of LED light that is more than just decorative. It’s one part of a gorgeous lighting package that includes a light-up VW logo in the front faux-grille and a logo that projects onto the ground next to the vehicle when it is parked.

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Lights On The Ground. Photo: Kirsten Alana

Lights On The Ground. Photo: Kirsten Alana

The dash LED strip is the most functional and I first discovered it when there was an upcoming turn in the navigation that I’d be making at night. The light in the bar seemed to “travel” in the direction I needed to when I turned. It was just in my peripheral vision and big enough to detect but not be distracted by.

Led Light Menu. Photo: Kirsten Alana

LED LIght Menu. Photo: Kirsten Alana

That the same strip of light can also indicate charging status. It’s a beautiful way for the car to convey information while still maintaining an overall elegant-yet-minimal interior layout. The lighting is seriously competitive with the 150K Mercedes EV that I also got a peek at in the same week. The ID.4’s LED’s are far less distracting to a driver and far more affordable at one-third the price.

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Id.4 Led Lights. Photo: Kirsten Alana

ID.4 LED Lights. Photo: Kirsten Alana

4. Mobile connectivity just works and does so quickly

When I got in the car, cordless mobile connectivity just worked immediately with my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I didn’t need significant time to figure it out. My Android Pixel phone worked as well but not quite as fast. This was all possible both when my phones were on the mobile charging pad, below the main top console, and when they were in the cup holders [which are adjustable!]. That helped me get on the road fast and be safe while I was doing so, since all the features designed to be hands-free and assist me as a driver, were immediately available as soon as I started moving. 

The week I test drove the ID.4 AWD Pro S, I also test drove a half dozen other vehicles. None connected to my iPhone or Android phone as fast or as simply. And not all of the other cars connected to my phone without a cord.

Id4 Moonroof. Photo: Kirsten Alana

ID.4 panoramic sunroof. Photo: Kirsten Alana

5. More power

Finally, I loved the dual electric motors with single-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, and four-wheel independent suspension. Rear-wheel drive with one electric motor and an output of 201 horsepower is standard in the ID.4. I was driving the AWD Pro S version which has an increase to 302-hp because of dual electric motors. And, it gives you all wheel drive capability that can come in handy in snowy or hilly places.

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Id.4 Charge Port. Photo: Kirsten Alana

ID.4 Charge Port. Photo: Kirsten Alana

It’s a popular misconception among people I talk to that EVs are generally always slower or less powerful than gas-powered vehicles. An idea referenced, and debunked, in this Business Insider article. The ID.4 I drove further proved this even though it’s neither the fastest nor fanciest of EVs. It had all the get-up and go I needed when safely testing the engine’s capability on open back roads and empty highways early in the morning. 

Id4 Interior. Photo: Kirsten Alana

ID4 Interior. Photo: Kirsten Alana

If it’s true that a 295-hp ID.4 GTX model could come to the USA, that’s exciting. But for the everyday driver, I think the AWD Pro S is more than powerful enough on sport mode. Eco mode did hold back the engine somewhat and that seemed characteristic for a driving mode designed to conserve power. However, I didn’t notice Sport mode having a considerable effect on battery level. 

If you need to react quickly due to a change in traffic or the poor choices of other drivers, if you need to get somewhere fast but safely, the ID.4 AWD Pro S will respond and perform as you need it to.

Palm Trees And Moonroof. Photo: Kirsten Alana

Palm Trees And Moonroof. Photo: Kirsten Alana

Driving in the city was a breeze in the ID.4. It was great that it catered to some of my needs without my even needing to ask. Some would argue you can’t put a price on that, but if I had to, it’d be $51,204.

Disclosure: Volkswagen provided the ID.4 for me to test. All opinions and impressions are my own.

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