We’re absolutely Buzzing about the World Premiere of the Volkswagen ID. Buzz!

The Vw Id. Buzz. Photo: Vw

The reimagined icon makes its debut in Europe, but is headed stateside soon.

I remember when I first laid eyes on it, I said “THAT. That right there is my ultimate dream car.” I dreamt that this concept car displayed at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2017 would some day become my reality. The re-imagined microbus was a perfect harmony of retro past and electric future, and there it was, presently in front of me. Yes, it was still an idea, a concept, gathering all kinds of attention and headed for continued engineering refinement. A teaser. I have been dreaming and wishing ever since for this futuristic flashback of a vehicle to become a reality. While I still have some waiting to do to make it my own, I am thrilled that today we are not just steps, but miles closer. Volkswagen finally officially introduced the world premiere of the ID.Buzz and ID.Buzz Cargo.

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The 2017 Id. Buzz Concept Car At The La Auto Show. Photo: Kymri Wilt

Isn’t she cute? The 2017 ID. Buzz Concept Car at the LA Auto Show. Photo: Kymri Wilt

The VW ID. Buzz Arrives on the World’s Stage Just in Time

The timing could not be better for fully electric zero-tailpipe emission microbus and cargo van models to hit the scene. Gas prices are at record-breaking highs. Global instability is causing volatility in the oil markets and it has everyone looking at alternative energy sources more now than ever. Thankfully, Volkswagen’s first versions will be rolling off the production lines in Europe by the third quarter of this year. European models begin pre-sales in May 2022, and the announcement today is focused on the European ID. Buzz, with a few details about the North American version coming in 2024.

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Exterior Of The Orange Id. Buzz. Photo: Volkswagen

Exterior of the Orange ID. Buzz. Photo: Volkswagen

What Will the ID. Buzz Be Like to Drive?

For starters, the VW ID. Buzz (a five seater) and ID. Buzz Cargo (a van with 3 seats at front) are designed to maximize space on a minimal footprint. The short body overhangs allow for a turning circle of just 36.4 feet, considerably tight for a van this size. The first European models feature all-electric rear-wheel drive powered by an electric motor producing 201 horsepower and 229-lb torque, the same motor as the VW ID.4, and it can be charged using either AC or DC charging power. The top speed is electronically limited to 90 mph.

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Id. Buzz Rear Cargo Space 39.6 Cubic Feet With Seats Up. Photo: Volkswagen

ID. Buzz rear cargo space 39.6 cubic feet with seats up. Photo: Volkswagen

The Interior is as Head-Turning as the Exterior

You won’t find leather anywhere in this vehicle; it has been replaced with non-animal alternatives. Recycled material has been incorporated in the seat covers, floor coverings, and roof liner. The patented fabric consists of 90% recycled bottles and 10% collected ocean plastic. The vehicle paints are organically based. So there is plenty to feel good about – and that looks good!– beyond zero emissions.

Cockpit Of The Volkswagen Id. Buzz 5-Seater. Photo: Volkswagen

The cockpit of the Volkswagen ID. Buzz 5-seater. Photo: Volkswagen

Exploring the Cockpit of the VW ID. Buzz

A hallmark of Volkswagen’s all electric vehicles is the interactive ID. Light which gives the driver intuitive information based on position and color of the light. The light strip stretches across the front windshield above the standard 10-inch digital cockpit display and infotainment system and will flash on startup letting you know the car is ready to drive, it’ll flash to indicate your next navigation turn and give a glow when the battery is being charged. Standard driver assist features include front assist, lane assist and dynamic road sign display. Beneath you’ll find touch sliders and buttons to access menus and regulate temperature and volume. Specifically for the ID. Buzz, Volkswagen developed a multifunction box that is both optional and removable. The console provides storage bins, space for a water bottle, and a drawer to stash a tablet or laptop. It may be attached between the driver’s seat and front passenger seat, and is easy to remove or put back.

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Orange Interior With Console. Photo: Volkswagen

The Energetic Orange interior with a removable center console. Photo: Volkswagen

With Seating for 5, This is Not a Minivan–Yet

There will be seating for five in the ID. Buzz model being released in Europe, so be aware this is not a gigantic family car. Down the line for the U.S. market, Volkswagen plans to have a longer wheelbase ID. Buzz model that will have seating for six in three rows, two seats each, and a seven-passenger configuration with two in the front, three in the middle, and two in the back.

The current European model will have a second row with a 60/40 split. Top trims of the ID. Buzz will be electric, and have both seat memory and massage features. There will also be fold-down trays in the backs of them. Groovy! Photos show a cute interior filled with light and color, sliding rear doors, and an optional height-adjustable floor in the cargo area.  I love some flexibility in a vehicle and am excited to see how the ID. Buzz goes from dream car to reality.

Second Row Seating In The Id. Buzz. Photo: Volkswagen

Second row seating in the ID.Buzz. Photo: Volkswagen

The ID. Buzz Cargo is Also an Electric Cargo Van

While we’re all excited for the ID. Buzz passenger van, it is sharing its premiere with a utilitarian cargo van, the ID. Buzz Cargo. It has a front driver’s seat and two passenger bench seat and the rear is partitioned off with a reach-through window. With 137.7 cubic feet of space, a wide-opening tailgate and sliding door on the passenger side, it’ll be ideal as a flower delivery van, a food truck or for musicians to carry their equipment and instruments.

Exterior Of The Id. Buzz Cargo. Photo: Volkswagen

Exterior of the ID. Buzz Cargo. Photo: Volkswagen

Finally, the Eye Candy We’ve ALL Been Waiting For

With a visual nod to the past, and blazing a trail toward the future, the ID. Buzz will be colorful, with an exciting palette of Lime Yellow, Starlight Blue, Energetic Orange and Bay Leaf Green, along with white, silver and black. In some models the two-tone exterior finishes will make their way to the interior. So while the drive is futuristic, Volkswagen carefully transferred the genes of the iconic vintage microbus in the most symbolic and eye-catching way. Like that moment in the “Wizard of Oz” when the world goes from black and white to color, perhaps we’ll have a colorful awakening as the world welcomes the “Wizard of Buzz,” the Volkswagen ID. Buzz!

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