Celebrity Car Love: The Rock’s On-Set Car Collection!

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You’re Gonna Love What The Rock Is Driving!

Okay, we couldn’t resist. We had to start with a slogan similar to his popular tag line from his pro wrestling days. “You’re gonna love what The Rock is cooking!” Sorry, I’m showing my age.  We thought we’d shake things up a bit and give you a treat, or shall we say, some eye candy, with this month’s celebrity car collection. He’s one of our favorite actors, action heroes and he’s pretty easy on the eyes too. Let’s check out what cars make it into the Rock’s garage and which ones he loves to work with while on set.

Off To Work We Go

In addition to several movies being released in the coming months, The Rock also stars in the hit HBO series ‘Ballers’ where he plays a million dollar sports agent. For sports agents, Ferraris are a daily commuter car. I’ll take the yellow, please.


Deals Aren’t Made On A Golf Course. They’re Made in A Rolls Royce

When you’re an agent you make deals in a Rolls, or close to one. I spy a Rolls Royce Dawn. Sublime. That suit? Not so much. Sorry Rock. It’s still a fabulous car no matter how you’re dressed.


What Are We Riding In Today?

It must be in his contract that he has to be surrounded by fabulous cars while working.  Here he’s relaxing by a beautiful Bentley Bentayga. It is a gorgeous SUV inside and out.  Unparalleled luxury. BTW that’s Academy Award winner Denzel Washington’s son John David, one of the Rock’s co-stars in the HBO series. Good looks run in that family too!


I Like Big Trucks, I Cannot Lie!

I couldn’t resist (that’s the last one, I promise). I think this one suits him best: I thought, as a Ford Ambassador, he would have picked a hot sporty Mustang, but he chose the rugged and handsome (just like he is) Ford F150 for his personal everyday car. Being a Ford ambassador has its privileges. (P.S. Ford, I’m available too.)


Surprise!  This One’s Yours!

The Rock spreads the love with family and friends. Here he helped FORD surprise deserving Veteran & Purple Heart recipient Marlene Rodriguez with a brand new 2018 Ford Mustang!


Dad…I Have A Little Something Special For You!

It’s all about the smile. He loves to surprise his Mom & Dad with gifts. Here he gives his Dad, former pro-wrestler Rocky Johnson, a new Ford Explorer for Christmas. Since Dad doesn’t ask for much, The Rock surprises him often. Gotta love it!


Mom…I Didn’t Forget You, I Have Something Special For You Too!

In an interview, The Rock once told the story of how his Mom’s car was repossessed when he was a kid and he remembered how she cried and cried. One Christmas he replaced that sad memory with tears of joy and happiness! A brand new Cadillac makes everything better. Funny thing, she wanted a red one. Okay Momma. #WeLoveTheRock


Just Pack A Bag and Meet Me On the Tarmac

You know we love cars but who doesn’t like a man with his own private jet? I do because I hate security checkpoints.


Okay Dad, You’re Funny & Kinda Cute

He’s a great actor, cool car collector, and a fabulous gift giver.  But at the end of the day, he’s just a fun loving Dad who has fun and embarrasses his daughters just like our Dads, husbands and brothers.




The Rock is definitely one of our favorites.  He also seems to be a great guy, who loves family and giving back to the community. But he’s also pretty hot (in my opinion).  Here’s one last distraction for you: You can print out this gift tag that promotes his upcoming movie ‘Baywatch’ … you can thank us later.


Which car from the Rock’s hit show Ballers would you like to borrow?

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