Celebrity Car Love: Beyoncé’s Cool Car Collection

A Girls Guide To Cars | Celebrity Car Love: Beyoncé'S Cool Car Collection - Sbc Beyonce

A Girls Guide To Cars | Celebrity Car Love: Beyoncé'S Cool Car Collection - Sbc BeyonceShe loves to sing and she loves to dance. Did you know that Beyoncé also loves cars? When she’s not selling out arenas around the world or breaking the internet with her Instagram baby announcement she loves to cruise around town in wonderful cars.

When A Girls Guide to Cars (see what we did there) she goes all out.  It’s estimated that Beyoncé and hubby own an estimated $4 million worth of cars. She’s pretty private but we managed to find a few pictures of her impressive car collection.

Happy Birthday To You!


Nothing says happy birthday like a Rolls Royce especially a vintage Rolls Royce.  The vintage car which is a gorgeous shade of blue was a gift from her husband for her 25th birthday.  The vintage1959 Convertible Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II is in mint condition and worth a cool $1 million.

A Little Red Number Just for Two


Convertibles are popular in this family.  It’s Beyonce’s but her husband seems to love driving it more.  Who knew celebrities had the same problems we do, our husbands always taking our cars.   When they’re in LA for Blue Ivy’s school season, this power couple cruises around the city in this cute little red Alfa Romeo Spider.

Here’s Your Birthday Gift

One fabulous birthday gift deserves another.  In addition to receiving fabulous cars as birthday gifts, Beyoncé loves to give them as well.  Sounds like another famous family, the Kardashians.  For Jay-Z’s 41st birthday gift she gave him a custom white Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (like the one pictured).  We’re sure he doesn’t mind if she drives it every now and then.


Off to Work We Go


When it’s time for Beyoncé to go to work, she and the family head out in a gorgeous black Cadillac Escalade.  Great choice, Escalades are attractive, luxurious and roomy enough for everyone.  She’s also a great photographer who likes to play hide and seek with her cars while on tour.


When she’s not on stage she’s playing around as a NYC taxi driver.

Let’s race!


Beyoncé loves to drive around in some of the finest cars but it seems she also loves to race.  Here she gets in on a little go-cart fun.

Babies on the Way: Time to add a minivan to the collection?

Beyoncé already has a pretty fabulous collection of cars.  But with the recent announcement that she’s expecting twins with her husband Jay-Z, they’re going to need one more car.  I’d suggest with three little future musicians following their every move they add a Chrysler Pacifica to the collection!

Back To School

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Photo: Chrysler

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica has all the room you need for carpooling. I can just picture it now, Beyoncé in the drop-off lane in her custom Pacifica (cause it will of course be a custom limited edition) and a fabulous pair of sunglasses.

Which one of Beyoncé’s cool cars would you like to drive for a day?

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