The Seventh Generation New Mustang Roars into a Gasoline-Powered Future

Ford Mustang Reveal. Photo: Liv Leigh
Ford Mustang Reveal. Photo: Liv Leigh

The roar was heard long before it arrived on stage.

That’s because the reveal of the new Mustang actually began not at the auto show, but instead at Ford World Headquarters.

The headquarters hosted a herd of previous generations of Ford Mustangs and their dedicated owners in what Ford dubbed “The Stampede.” They met in Dearborn, then paraded to downtown Detroit’s Hart Plaza. And there, in a cacophony of rumbling motors, revving engines, and the occasional tire squeal, the 7th generation 2024 Mustang thundered into view surrounded by 1,000 Pony friends.

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Ford Mustang Models Lining The Street, Welcoming The 7Th Generation! Photo: Liv Leigh

Mustangs lining the street, welcoming the 7th generation! Photo: Liv Leigh

Exhibiting deep pride of ownership, the bedecked Ponies showed off by lining the streets surrounding the Plaza. But it wasn’t only the cars that were showing off. Encouraged to dress for their favorite Ford Mustang decade, tons of participants flashed about in jaunty costumes.

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Kenyatta Douglas Drove In The Stampede In Her 2016 Fastback And Represented The 70’S Decade. Photo: Liv Leigh

Kenyatta Douglas drove in the Stampede in her 2016 Fastback and represented the 70’s decade. Photo: Liv Leigh

Ford pulled out all the stops to bring Mustang lovers together and even, in the case of Jocelyn Sandoval (1966 Mustang owner and enthusiast), flew her out from California to attend the event.

Jocelyn Posts Ford Mustang Fan Content On Her Instagram @Girlinthemustang Photo: Liv Leigh

Jocelyn Sandoval posts Ford Mustang fan content on her Instagram @girlinthemustang Photo: Liv Leigh

Mustang Culture and History was at the Heart of the 7th Generation Reveal.

Not to be overshadowed by the roaring 1,000 Mustangs and costumed fans, we gathered around the amphitheater for a tantalizing teaser of Mustang owner stories, buildup, and finally the reveal. Four Mustangs purred onto the stage in a wave of smoke and light. Convertible, Eco-boost, GT, and Dark Horse, each identifiable by their unique front end. The final one on stage, Dark Horse, the newest addition to the Mustang stable, glistening in a blue purple sheen, blurple if you will.

2024 Ford Mustang Models On Stage. Photo: Liv Leigh

2024 Ford Mustangs on stage. Photo: Liv Leigh

What’s Changed with the new Mustang?

Despite the popularity of their Mustang Mach-E electric car, Ford is in no way giving up gas. Though many other manufacturers are shifting completely to electric in the coming years, Ford is still staying in the gasoline game, and creating some new features to keep gasoline-powered engine owners happy.

Green Instrument Cluster. Photo: Ford

Green Instrument Cluster. Photo: Ford

With the most advanced (and fighter-jet inspired) cabin to date, the 7th gen brings a 12.4 digital instrument cluster, a 13.2 inch driver-centric center console, and limitless customization options both in software and build including 11 exterior color options, a ton of drive options, and driver assistance technologies. Not to mention a Remote Rev capability.

The new Mustang has two new engines, a 2.3 liter EcoBoost and what Ford says is their most powerful 5.0 liter V8 ever. V8’s will come with a 10-speed automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual transmission.

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Customizable Options For The 7Th Generation New Mustang. Photo:liv Leigh

Customizable options for the 7th Generation Ford Mustang. Photo:Liv Leigh

It’s Athletic! But also Short and Curvy!

“The new Mustang is more chiseled and edgier, leaning into Mustang’s classic brawniness and timelessness,” said Exterior Design Manager Chris Walter, and that aesthetic is certainly clear. Immediately flooded by excited Mustang enthusiasts, the 4 new additions elicited oohs, ahhhs, and many gasps. “It’s like me! Short and curvy!” Exclaimed party-goer Jen Wisey, when she laid eyes on the fastback coupe.

The New Ford Mustang. Photo: Liv Leigh

The New Ford Mustang. Photo: Liv Leigh

A spectacular gathering of music, food, and celebration marked the end point of the grand reveal. So, what do you think of the brand new 7th generation Mustang design?

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