Celebrity Car Love: Lady Gaga’s Collection

Lady Gaga

Love cars? You’re not alone.

Lady Gaga is definitely a car chick! Her fame and fortune afford her a life of luxury and anything, including any car, she wants.  When SHE BUYS CARS (see what we did there!) she buys classic cars.  She’s into hot rods, muscle cars and a luxury car or two. In fact, she’s owned everything from a Rolls Royce to an El Camino. Here’s a look at a few of the fabulous cars this famous collector has amassed.

We also checked out Lady Gaga’s Instagram page to sneak a peek at all of the fabulous cars she drives when she’s not on stage.

First Things First

Before Gaga could start driving her fabulous collection of cars in California, she had to get her driver’s license.  Here she’s thankful that she passed her driving test. Of course she took her driving test in a beautiful white Mercedes-Benz Class E…and, yes, I’m jealous.


A Lady’s Gotta Get to Work

Lady Gaga is currently on a dive bar tour promoting her new album “Joanne.”  Gaga turned heads as she arrived at one of her dive bar tour stops in none other than Elvis Presley’s 1955 pink Cadillac Fleetwood. This one was borrowed, but it’s still a fabulous car, especially to drive up to your own concert.


A Lincoln Lover, Just Like Mom – My Mom

My Mother and Lady Gaga have something in common.  They both love Lincoln Continentals.  My Mom’s was lipstick red with white interior, Lady Gaga’s is a vintage white drop top with burgundy interior.  #Fabulous



Ladies…Start Your Engines!

In addition to a love of driving around in classic cars, Lady Gaga also loves driving fast.  We do too! Here she’s suited up and ready to hit the race track in a celebrity race.


Some Occasions Call for Luxury

You can’t drive a muscle car to every event.  Sometimes you need to arrive in style and elegance especially when your date is legendary singer Tony Bennett.  For one event Lady Gaga arrived in her classic Rolls Royce.


We can’t wait to see what fabulous car Lady Gaga adds to her collection next.

What celebrity car would you like to take for a spin?


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