2018 Honda Accord First Look: A Sedan For The Future Generation

2018 Honda Accord First Look: A Sedan For The Future Generation
Photo: Honda

The Honda Accord For Future Generations.

The 2018 Honda Accord is almost ready to hit showroom floors, and it’s not the Accord you grew up with. From a redesigned body to a new engine, the 2018 Honda Accord is going to turn heads. It’s well priced, looks good and has the technology to take it into the future. Chief Engineer Junji Yamano said “It’s a captivating sedan for the next generation to look forward to.” His hope is that you will purchase the Accord and it will grow with your life, not get traded in when it’s time for a family. Its new design is sleek enough for the millennial generation but sophisticated enough for grown-ups.

This past week I got to spend a little time with the 2018 Accord in the gorgeous White Mountains of New Hampshire. The beautiful fall weather provided the perfect backdrop for driving the five– yes five –different trim levels the 2018 Honda Accord will come in. Let’s take a closer look at what we can expect in the 2018 Accord.

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Sleek new exterior on the 2018 Honda Accord. PHOTO: Honda

A Completely Redesigned Sedan Destined to Make You Fall in Love

The 2018 Honda Accord has been completely redesigned. The new Accord has a longer wheelbase and new engine lineup that starts with a 192-hp 1.5-liter turbo-four. The V-6 is a thing of the past, but in its place is a 252-hp 2.0-liter turbo-four with 278 lb-ft of torque— less power but more torque than the engine it replaces. A six-speed manual transmission is still available in both engines, if you want a car that feels like it has some get-up-and-go, the 1.5 CVT is a great choice. A third Accord model is the hybrid, which won’t be ready until fall 2018. What we do know is the hybrid Accord will have a full-size trunk (no compromised space due to battery storage) and folding 60/40 rear seats (the battery will be under the rear seats).

The 2018 Accord is wider, shorter, and lower, but the wheelbase has grown by 2.16 inches for increased interior space. That allows for much more legroom for rear passengers, almost as much as my SUV.  It is also drastically lighter with a more rigid body structure and new chassis.


Even the steering wheel was re-designed in the 2018 Accord. No detail was left out and notice the sleek placement of the push-button gear selector, just to the left of the cup holders. Photo: Honda

An Interior That Rivals Luxury Brands

Inside the 2018 Accord is a new soft-touch instrument panel in a three-tier design, and a sporty-feeling new steering wheel with thumb rests and paddle shifters. The driver’s seat has 12-way adjustment, and the front seats can be heated and cooled. All of this equals the ultimate in comfort and control for the driver.

There is a new infotainment system with an 8-inch touchscreen with buttons for volume and tuning.  The Accord has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility and a number of apps. The Touring trims of the 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter models have a new 6.0-inch head-up display.

There is wireless device charging (another wow), automatic Bluetooth phone pairing with a single tap, 4G LTE in-car Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi-enabled over-the-air system updates, as well as a number of  USB charging ports. I did notice there was not a charging port in the back seat. (from a mom’s perspective with lots of back seat passengers, that could prove to be an issue.)


Luxury comes standard in the 2018 Honda Accord. Photo: Honda

Safety Is a Standard Feature. So Don’t Worry

Honda Sensing technology—a suite of safety systems—is standard on all models and, more importantly, on all trim levels, including the base model. Honda has also added new safety driver-assistance and connected-car features. Included are collision mitigation braking, lane departure warning, road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition. Also available on some trim levels are blind-spot monitoring, front and rear parking sensors, cross-traffic monitoring, and driver-awareness monitoring.

Many people want to drive an SUV to feel safe. And you will feel just as safe, if not more, in the 2018 Accord with the upgrades to the Honda Sensing technology.

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Stay connected with intuitive controls on the 8-inch display. Photo: Honda

What This Car Costs

Cost is a major component in car buying, and Honda made sure that the Accord was going to be competitive in the mid-size market. With many trim levels and the ability to add on to your base price you can build the Accord you want.

  • LX Sedan 1.5 CVT: $24,445
  • Six Speed Sport Model CVT: $26,665
  • EX with 1.5 CVT: $28,345
  • EX-L with 1.5 CVT: $30,845
  • EX Touring 1.5 CVT: $34,675
  • EX 2.0 Turbo: $31,185
  • EX-L 2.0 Turbo: $32,845
  • EX-L 2.0 Touring: $36,675

The 2018 Honda Accord is Set to Blow Away Competitors

Did you know the Accord outsells all but two SUVs in America? After driving the 2.0T Touring I can say this sedan is prepared to blow away its competitors. The new low and wide body style hugs the turns as you glide into them. And with the added turbo engine you can add more power under you when the need for speed strikes. The turbo is much smoother and provides a better drive experience than the old V6 engine. I did take the 1.5CVT out as well, but I really gravitated back to the way the 2.0T drove. It just seemed like a much smoother, and quieter drive experience.

After driving and seeing and the 2018 Honda Accord, its easy to believe that it will continue to be the best selling sedan in America. The mid-size sedan market has struggled to compete against SUVs, and Honda just upped the game with the all new and sophisticated 2018 Accord. With this new design offering more rear leg room and larger cargo space I wouldn’t be surprised if it moves up in its category in the next year.

Disclosure: I was Honda’s guest for this test drive; travel and accommodations were provided, but all opinions are my own.

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