What Does the A Girls Guide to Cars Crew Drive?

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We’ve Learned to Love Our Cars. Here’s Why.

Every woman has a different idea of the perfect car for her family, or herself. We took a look at what the A Girls Guide to Cars team is driving and were surprised at the many brands and models we have among us. Sure we get to test drive amazing cars, but that isn’t our reality. While I personally wish a 1967 Mustang fastback was parked in my garage–it’s unfortunately an SUV.

Who is A Girls Guide to Cars? We are Moms, Grandmothers and Business Owners

A Girls Guide to Cars is made up of a variety of women–and none of us work in the auto industry full time. We are soccer moms, business owners, grandmothers and travel writers. With such an array of contributors, it’s natural that we all have different cars. Sadly none of us is driving a Ferrari–but hey we can dream, right?

She Buys Cars

Take a Peek Into A Girls Guide to Cars Driveways

Shannon Entin, blogger at 100 Routes Across America

Shannon drives a 2009 Toyota 4Runner. She loves the car’s space, safety and performance, and it’s fantastic in the snow. But it’s bare bones. No tech, no sun roof, no USB plugs. She actually has to manually open the back of the car and pull the hatch closed – no button to push or hands-free liftgate. As a trusted brand, Toyota is never going to die, especially the 4Runner… it’s got 150K+ miles and it’s in great shape! Her sister has one that has 220K and is still going strong. It’s reliable, sturdy and a value for a SUV. Also, Shannon loves the Walking Dead and the 4Runner is great for running over zombies, should the occasion arise in her real life.

She Buys Cars

Shannon LOVES her Toyota 4Runner. Photo credit: A Girls Guide to Cars

Scotty Reiss, co-founder of AGirlsGuidetoCars

Scotty has two cars and three drivers who share a 2008 BMW 335i (6 speed stick shift!) and a 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid.  She refers to the BMW as the car that started it all because she bought it on a road trip and that experience of shopping, negotiating and buying a car inspired the beginnings of A Girls Guide to Cars.

But really, the Toyota Highlander might be the one that started it all. Believe it or not, she wasn’t a car girl and didn’t love cars the way she does now. But one day she read that Toyota was going to put the Prius hybrid technology in a 3-row SUV and it would get 28 MPG . She was tired of 14 MPG in her beloved Jeep and wanted to send a message to the auto industry that fuel economy matters. She went to her local Toyota dealer and put down a deposit on the Highlander Hybrid. Fast forward four months and she was in her new Highlander, which she still owns (with 200K miles and the original hybrid battery still running the show).

Bmw 335I In Navy Blue

Scotty Reiss’s BMW 335i in her chosen color: navy blue

Terri Marshall, Tripping With Terri

Terri is our resident Grandmom but you would never know it, she loves thrills and unexpected fun. Recently she bought a Subaru Outback even though she lives in the heart of NYC!  One of the reasons she chose the Outback was the Subaru Eyesight package that comes with pre-collision braking, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure and sway warning and adaptive cruise control. And, it’s stylish. Plus, she thinks it’s cool—and cool still matters even for a Grandmom!

Best Crossover Suv To Keep A Couple Happy

A happy couple that’s happy with the Subaru Outback. Photo: Terri Marshll

Meagan Wristen of MommyTravels

Meagan doesn’t hold back about her car. She drives a minivan and, in her words, “wants to set it on fire.” Being a newly single mom she doesn’t feel the need to drive around the family truckster any longer. Maybe she should take a look at the Mazda CX-9 for her next car. The only thing she likes, and this is barely, is the space the minivan gives her to travel with her three kids and extended family.

She Buys Cars

Meagan says “No Comment” on minivan life. photo: A Girls Guide to Cars

Cindy Richards, Editor of AGirlsGuidetoCars

Cindy is an empty nester. When her daughter took the 2003 Dodge Durango SUV (with 145,000 miles) with her to college, Cindy began driving the Ford F150 dual cab full size pickup. She affectionately calls it “the Big Ass Truck.” It’s huge, but a really sweet ride. Comfy. Heated seats. Lots of power. In her heart, she drives a Mini Cooper convertible.

She Buys Cars

Cindy loves her big ass truck! photo: A Girls Guide to Cars

Nasreen Stump, Ramblingstump

Nasreen is our resident minivan lover. She adores her Toyota Sienna because it has “life changing” sliding doors. She swears she didn’t realize how much easier life would become when she got to stop yelling about being careful with doors in the garage and in parking lots. Just click the button and voila– door opens. From inside she feels like the captain and it has gadgets and gizmos aplenty and whoozits and storage galore. Nas can easily fit one thingamabob or 20 in her minivan.

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Nasreen LOVES her minivan. She is probably the only one in our crew who loves them. photo credit: Nasreen Stump

Jenn Greene, Journeys with Jenn

Like Meagan, I had a minivan I hated! That changed last summer when I bought a 2013 Dodge Durango. Yes, I bought a car that was 2.5 years old. The previous owner leased the vehicle which means, one owner, low miles and well maintained. I would have paid almost $200 more a month for brand new one. With leather seats, sunroof, and plenty of space for my family, this was a no brainer for us.

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What’s In YOUR Driveway?

Now that you know what many of us at A Girls Guide to Cars drive, we want to know what you drive. Are you an empty nester with a convertible? A soccer mom who loves her minivan? Or are you simply driving what you have because it was what you could afford?

No matter the reason, we want to know: “What’s in YOUR driveway?”

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