A Girls Guide To Our Favorite Instagram and TikTok Accounts

Picture Of Instagram Accounts.
Picture of Instagram accounts.

We enjoy cars on instagram, and we’re sharing the love.

We all have those certain social media accounts that we check in on daily to see the latest happenings in our worlds. Many of us also use it as a resource. How to make a pumpkin pie? What does the latest acronym my kids are using mean? And of course, we have accounts that we trust to bring us the latest trends and news regarding cars. Two of the biggest platforms are Instagram and Tiktok. Here are some of our favorite accounts to keep us updated on the news or drooling over the latest trends in car colors.

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The Car Mom'S Profile On Instagram. So Much Good Information! Photo: Instagram

The Car Mom’s profile on Instagram. So much good information! Photo: The Car Mom on Instagram

To TikTok or Instagram? Or Both?

We aren’t comparing Instagram and TikTok because both platforms offer completely different content. The biggest difference is that you can still enjoy sit and reflect on photos on Instagram, whereas TikTok is all video. We enjoy car content on both platforms, and below you will find a list of our favorites on both Instagram and TikTok.

Here is our List of Instagram Favorites

@Thecarmom is a great go-to resource for sharing practical advice and tips on car buying, as well as providing current and precise auto reviews. Kelly Stumpe also is a certified car seat technician, so you know that when she is talking car seats, she knows what’s up.

@Supercarblondie You would have to be living under a rock or just not like cars at all to not know about Alex Hirschi’s account featuring luxury vehicles. It is fun to check in daily just to see what she is driving next.

@Kenblock and daughter @liakblock both have entertaining feeds. Ken has his hand in a few things besides cars and is a genius marketer/promotor, as well as helping to cultivate his daughter’s racing career.

@CarLifestyle is run by Gabe Florido. Gabe is one of the top car influencers and content creator. He continues to gain followers with each and every post.

@Petrolicious You cannot have a passion for cars and skip this page, Petrolicious proclaims itself as “The home of car passion” and we believe them. There is such a great variety of content here.


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A post shared by Tim – Shmee (@shmee150)

@Shmee150, aka Tim Burton. He loves filming footage for his viewers of his road trips, car rallies, and love of luxury vehicles. With each video, Tim has mastered the art of storytelling.

@Donutmedia No reference to the donuts you eat. Donutmedia is hosted by James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes, who bring comedy to their content. You have to check these guys out.


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A post shared by Donut Media (@donutmedia)

@thedenniscollins Dennis has forever been known as the sidekick to TV personality, Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage, but Dennis is also the owner of Collins Bros Jeep (which has its own instagram as well). Both have a great fan base in their own right.

@the_kyza is a graphic designer who creates incredible renderings you cannot help but check-in on. He also enjoys showing off his RX7 and we don’t blame him. Keep us dreaming Khyzyl.

@thegentlemanracer aka Michael Satterfield who lives and breathes cars. He recently debuted a Laura Ashley Jeep Grand Wagoneer at SEMA. Warning, Mike’s passion for cars is contagious!

Kevin Mccauley Takes Gorgeous Photos. Photo: Kevin Mccauley On Instagram

Kevin McCauley takes gorgeous photos. Photo: Kevin McCauley on Instagram

@capturingthemachine shares stunning photos of all types of cars. Kevin McCauley is the photographer who truly has an eye for ‘capturing the machine’ in all their glory.

Obviously, some of our favorites on Instagram are of course on Tik Tok too, but let’s try to share the love and mix it up a bit….. so, move over Instagram.

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Our favorite TikTok (or CarTok as it’s so Affectionately Called) Accounts

@xoconniepeters 8 things to love in the 2023 Lexus RX500h F Sport! #fsport #lexus #lexusrx #rx500h #lexusrx500h #performancesuv #luxurysuv ♬ original sound – Connie Peters

@xoconniepeters Our very own Connie Peters tops our list. She is so good at showing us fun features on new cars, but also mentions practical information like mileage and what to expect at your local auto show.


@christinaroki♬ Ruby Sparks (Slowed) – Monét Ngo

@christinaroki She is a young, female car enthusiast who has 2.8 million followers. She is a master car wrapper who has most recently been working on wrapping her sister’s car as a surprise. How fun! She also shares plenty of life hacks to make working on a car seem flawless.

@itsdanielmac If you have ever wondered what people who own luxury cars do for a living, wonder no more! Daniel seems to roam about randomly and ask strangers what they do for a living to own the type of vehicle they are driving. Interesting feed!

@forrestsautoreviews Worth the massive $150K price tag??? 🤷🏽‍♂️ #porsche #cayenne #gts #suv #luxurycars #carsoftiktok #foryoupage #foryou ♬ Hot Girl Lofi – L.Dre

@forrestsautoreviews Forrest can give a car review in a matter of minutes on his reels. He’s quick, precise, super informative which explains why he has over 5 million followers.

@chadmfive Chad’s videos are entertaining to watch as you will see cars transformed, wrapped, and detailed as well as Q & A sessions. Chad will show you car hacks as well as a tutorial on how to drive a manual transmission.

@chadmfive I think i should get a ferrari instead right? #porsche #ferrari @midnightprotex ♬ original sound – Chad Nasr

@deankarnage Dean is a Pro Formula Drift driver who shows you the ends and outs of drifting, his car collection, the trailer that carries the cars and what you need when racing. If you like cars that go fast, Dean’s is an account to follow.

@pushingpistons Never underestimate an engineer talking about a car. Abdullah’s account has over 2 million followers and gives sound advice on maintenance as well as car reviews.

@mobile_mama Is this the most luxurious backseat you have seen, Mama? The new #BMW #7series has a 31 inch screen in the back for streaming and lounge seats! #backseat #cars #luxury #car #fyp #fypシ #foryourpage #foryou #foryoupage #fy #mom #bmw #sedan #PepsiApplePieChallenge ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

@mobile_mama With her “hey mamas” tagline, talks to moms everywhere about what cars they should check out and why.

@omardrives Omar dishes out facts about vehicles that you might not know or even hear anywhere else. He gives you answers to questions before you even ask them. Very informative account

Carconfections On Tiktok. Photo: Tiktok

carconfections on TikTok. Photo: TikTok

@carconfections gives you the top five reasons you should purchase a certain kind of car. Every now and then he will highlight the top five cool things inside the car, or the top five reasons one vehicle is a better bargain than another.

@topherdrives A youngster in the car world, Topher knows cars. He shows off various cars new and old, takes you on road trips, to car shows and even the junkyard. It has been fun to watch his account grow as well as his auto knowledge.

There you have it. So whether your app of choice is Instagram or Tiktok, there is something there for every type of car person! If you have any other accounts that you adore, share the love! We are always looking for more accounts to love on.

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