This Guy Is Instagram’s Best #carmodel And We Can’t Get Enough!

Car Model Instagram Alex On Autos

Alex is a bit unconventional. And we LOVE it.

The phrase “strike a pose” makes me think of Madonna’s “Vogue.” Of course, the phrase is also synonymous with modeling. Why do we bring this up? Because cars and car models have been going together like peanut butter and jelly since pretty much the dawn of automotive time – and often not in a way that is flattering or empowering, or even an accurate portrayal of women in automotive, but that’s another story for another day.

But rarely does someone on the writing side of cars make the leap into the modeling side. Until now.

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Traditional Car Model Pose.

Traditional car model pose. Photo: Instagram.

Alex On Autos With An Infiniti. Photo By Alexonautos

@AlexOnAutos with the Infiniti QX 60. Photo: @alexonautos

Making The Most Of What He’s Got

@Alexonautos has boldly gone where no auto writer has gone before: To the roof of his test cars to strike a pose. He hits some familiar posing notes, such as standing in front of the car. But Alex is not afraid to branch out or embrace trends. Here he is, planking on a BMW…convertible!

Alex On Autos Planking On A Bmw. Photo By Alexonautos

Alex On Autos planking on a BMW. Photo: @alexonautos

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More Than Just A Pretty Face

Alex has a website full of informative automotive reviews, and a YouTube channel that is great for learning about new cars. But we are not going to be surprised if his Instagram blows up with followers of his unique auto modeling style.

Some car models use props to make a statement, like this one:

Car Model With Gas Can

Car model with gas can. Photo: Instagram

Check out Alex On Autos’ embrace of alternative fuels!


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A post shared by Alex On Autos (@alexonautos)

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Innovation Is Key, and @alexonautos Is Not Afraid to Innovate

Many times, we see car models sitting or standing in uncomfortable and unconventional places on the car.

Car Model On Windowsill

Car model on windowsill. Photo: Instagram

Alex too, can be unconventional.


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A post shared by Alex On Autos (@alexonautos)

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Alex On Autos On The Roof Of A Mercedes-Benz Glb. Photo By Alexonautos

Alex reclining on the roof of a Mercedes-Benz GLB. Photo: @alexonautos

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire

There is no shortage of modeling contrasts on Alex’s IG. Interestingly, not many traditional car models will go so far as to pose on the roof like Alex does. He is a risk-taker.

He’s also known to animate the car he’s posing with, a pose we often see in the automotive world, many times with a car that has the model name of a cat. Neither the traditional model nor Alex On Autos need that crutch to lean on!

Car Model Crawling On The Ground

Car model crawling on the ground. Photo: Instagram


Rawr! Alex On Autos With A Vw Id.4. Photo By Alexonautos

Rawr! Alex with a VW ID.4. Photo: @alexonautos

For more #carmodels and giggles, head to Instagram. And give us a follow while you’re there!

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