2019 Mazda CX-9 Review: A 7 Seater SUV Filled with Luxury at a Value Price

7 Seater Suv Luxury Mazda Cx-9.

What if I told you that you can get luxury features on a 3-row SUV without breaking the bank?

Cheers to you, all the chauffeurs, athlete-parents, mom-taxis, late-night on-call parents, carpool moms, field-trip drivers, working moms, work-in-the-car moms, stay-home-moms, to ALL of you!

You deserve the Mazda CX-9. Known for its sleek lines and modern design aesthetic, not to mention the fun drive-ability its reputation carries, you can truly have all the function you need without giving up your passion for style in the CX-9. This is a 7 Seater SUV at value price.

I was impressed with the luxury additions in the CX-9 at this price point, many of which are not included in some much higher priced vehicle brands.

So, let’s talk about luxury. It’s something that provides a little more ‘oomph’ in your driving pleasure, a bit more driving enjoyment. It also makes every-day driving easier.

And many luxuries are standard in the Mazda CX-9, which is priced $32,280 USD/$36,750 CAD to $45,365 USD/$51,500 CAD.

Just the Facts: We break down down all the pricing, facts and best features in the Mazda CX-9.

2019 Mazda Cx 9 Review

The automatic walk-away lock and side-view mirror fold is standard on the top of the line model.? : Connie Peters

Standard Luxury Features Start with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

New for 2019, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is standard on the CX-9. I can’t seem to function without Apple CarPlay anymore. I live for the voice-to-text, using Siri to manage my music while I drive, and having my Maps on display along with my turn-by-turn directions.

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Mazda Cx-9 Sleek Exterior

The sleek look and deeply reflective paint resembles that of a much pricier SUV. ?: Connie Peters

360 Degree Rear view on the GT and Signature models

Buyers will have to opt for the higher grade trim to get the rearview 4-camera display, but it’s crystal clear and makes for perfect reverse parking. This is great if you have teens or a nanny behind the wheel; you don’t want anyone nicking or denting this beauty.

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7 Seater Suv Luxury Mazda Cx-9.

A touch of luxury is always in style. ? Connie Peters

Automatic Locking and Folding Mirrors on the GT and Signature models

When you walk away from the vehicle with the key fob, it locks automatically and the side view mirrors fold towards the car. Again, preventing close-drivers from hitting your car.

Nappa Leather Seating is Standard on the Signature Model

Leather seating is standard on all but the base model. The Chroma Brown Nappa leather seats are stunning and come standard in the Signature model I test drove. Leather seats are a must for messy kids, pets, and pretty much anything you can put into a car because you can simply wipe them down. And, they look great for a long, long time.

Cx-9 Driver Cabin Interior

Spacious, comfortable and sleek looking Nappa Leather in Chrome Brown on the Signature model.?: Connie Peters

Front and Second Row Heated Seats

Standard second-row heated seats, which are controlled by the passengers themselves, is a feature not often found in other vehicles at this price point or in this class.

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Mazda Cx-9

The front and second-row boast heated seats! ?: Connie Peters

Heads Up Display on the Windshield in the GT and Signature Models

If you like to see the speed limit and how fast you’re driving, along with upcoming stop signs and other road signs reflected right on your windshield for distraction-free driving, this is available on the GT + Signature models.

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Mazda Cx-9 Steering Wheel

A functional steering wheel means a safer driver. ?: Connie Peters

Unlimited Mileage Warranty on all 2019 Mazda CX-9  Models

The distance you drive your vehicle within the different warranty levels has been lifted meaning that it doesn’t matter how many kilometers you’ve driven in the 36 months for basic new-vehicle warranty or 60 months for powertrain, it’ll be covered under warranty … in Canada that is. As I was writing this article, I’m finding that this ‘luxury touch’ is not available in the US and that the warranty for 2019 has remained unchanged (36 month/36k Mile for new-vehicle limited warranty, 5 year/60k mile powertrain limited warranty, 3yr/36k mile roadside assistance).

Mazda Cx-9 Cargo

There is enough space for groceries and more even with the third row in use. ?: Connie Peters

Heated Steering Wheel

I absolutely love a heated steering wheel on cold mornings any time of the year, but bring me a cold damp Winter morning in British Columbia when I don’t use my heated steering wheel… and I can’t find a single one. The heated steering wheel is standard on GS and above model trims.

Mazda Cx-9 Sleek Exterior

The sleek looks resemble that of a much pricier SUV. ?: Connie Peters

A Quieter Ride for Better Drive Experience

Mazda upped their game for noise insulation and sound absorption with thicker floor mats providing you with a quieter ride to improve the conversation inside the car or just to enjoy the silence when you finally get to go for a drive all by yourself (yay!).

And isn’t that the point of a luxury 7 seater SUV? Get the kiddos to where they need to be, then sit back, relax and enjoy having the car all to yourself.

Disclosure: I was provided the Mazda CX-9 for one week for this review. All opinions are my own.

What If I Told You That You Can Get Luxury Features On A Third-Row Suv Without Breaking The Bank? You Don'T Need To When You Consider The Mazda Cx-9.

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