12 Things I Love About the VW Jetta Premium: Luxe Details That Make This Cute Sedan a Huge Bargain

2020 Vw Jetta Premium

I love a bargain, don’t you?

VW has been on a tear for a while now. Building better cars, pricing them well and then, adding on features like leather seats and premium sound at little or no cost that add up to a car you’ll love at a price you can live with.

It makes you feel really special to get into a luxe-filled car every day.

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So on our recent test drive of the Volkswagen Jetta SEL Premium edition, the top trim of the brand’s smallest sedan, I was surprised to find so many great features for $28,000. Then, consider that with VW’s current 0% finance offer, a delayed payment schedule and a decent downpayment, buyers can have this car for under $300 a month.

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2020 Vw Jetta Premium

View from the driver’s seat 2020 VW Jetta Premium. ? Scotty Reiss

Luxuries Included in the VW Jetta Premium 

Assuming you’re already looking for premium features and like the idea of a sedan, here’s what impressed us about the 2020 VW Jetta.

1.This is an elegant, modern car. It looks nice and will for a while. It has a classic shape and I really loved the wheels on our test model

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2020 Vw Jetta Premium

I found the rear seat to be open and roomy. And, in the Premium edition the seats are heated. ? Scotty Reiss

2. It’s roomy. Both front and back seats are comfortable, there’s plenty of headroom and you have great sight lines from all seats — meaning it’s easy to see the road, the horizon, the sights along the road.

2020 Vw Jetta Premium

The Digital Cockpit allows you to select theview you’ld like to see. ? Scotty Reiss

3. VW’s “Digital Cockpit” driver information system. This fully digital display allows you to customize the information you want displayed. 

2020 Vw Jetta Premium

The Discovery media system has a sensor that activates dormant controls when your hand approaches. ? Scotty Reiss

4. A premium infotainment system. The 8” Discover Media system is elegantly inset into the dashboard and has a truly premium look and feel. It also has a sensor that declutters the screen after you’ve chosen your view preferences and re-populates the choices as your hand nears the screen. And, AppleCarPlay and Android Auto pop up automatically when you plug in your compatible phone. 

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2020 Vw Jetta Premium

The center console in the VW Jetta. The phone cubby is also a wireless charge pad. ? Scotty Reiss

5. A wireless phone charge pad is tucked under the center console. This is nice for keeping your phone charged while you’re in the car, and also, keeps it out of view so you’re not tempted to reach for it while driving. And, it frees up the cup holders and keeps your phone secure so it doesn’t fly onto the floor when you turn a corner.

6. Drive modes enhance the drive and offer a fun little light-and-graphics-show when you select your mode. There are 4 drive mode choices: Normal, Smart (the most economical) Sport and Custom (set your own preferences) so you can be as fuel-efficient as you like or ramp up the RPMs and have fun.

2020 Vw Jetta Premium

Beats Speakers are integrated into pillars, door panels and dashboard in the VW Jetta. ? Scotty Reiss

7. Premium Beats audio. The speakers are neatly tucked into the dash, pillars and door for a sound that surrounds you. And, it’s Beats! 

8. Heated front and rear seats. This is a great feature for people who will have back seat passengers (or pets) in cold weather months, and can keep your fuel bill at bay; heating the seats rather than the cabin uses less gas.

2020 Vw Jetta Premium

The sunroof in the VW Jetta. ? Scotty Reiss

9. Oversized sunroof. While VW calls it a panoramic sunroof, and it’s definitely larger than the typical sunroof, it is smaller than what is typically thought of as panoramic. It extends slightly into the back seat . 

10. Smart Key. One of my favorite features, with your key in your pocket or handbag, you can press the indention on the door handle to lock or unlock the door, then push the starter button to start the car. Super easy and no fumbling for the key. Yay.

11. Leather seats. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of cloth seats. Yes, it’s a point of personal preference, but for me, sliding into a car’s seat, especially in a skirt, is easier and less wrinkly when the seats are leather. And, leather is easier to clean, adds value to your car when you sell it and over the long term, leather is just more comfortable.

12. A complete suite of safety features. It starts with things you expect like a rear view camera and tire pressure monitors, but takes it up with a fun package including adaptive cruise control lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring, automatic high beam headlights and forward collision emergency braking. 

2020 Vw Jetta Premium

Me with the 2020 VW Jetta Premium. ? Scotty Reissadthr

Here’s What Else You Need to Know About the VW Jetta 

The Jetta has a 4-cylinder 147 horsepower engine that, while not among the most powerful on the road, is fine for merging into traffic and getting up to speed on the highway. You have 4 drive mode choices: Normal, Smart (the most economical) Sport and Custom (set your own preferences).  

Keeping the Jetta in Normal or Smart will get you the best fuel economy. We averaged about 25MPG, though the Jetta is EPA rated for about 30 MPG in the city (and 40 on the highway). I must have been in sport mode more than I thought!  

The Jetta also comes with two years of scheduled maintenance — so any recommended maintenance like oil changes and fluid top-offs is complimentary — 24/7 roadside assistance and a 4 year/50,000 mile warranty.

If you’re looking at lower tier models with fewer features, the Jetta offers 5 different models and pricing starts at $18,900. But really, the magic here is how much you get for the money in the Premium edition. 

Disclosure: VW provided the Jetta for this review; all opinions are my own.

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