12 Badass Women Who Like Cars You Need to Follow on Instagram

Badass Women Who Like Cars

We could all use a little more badass inspiration in our lives.

I don’t know about you, but I can never be following enough awesome women in the automotive scene. There are so many cool chicks, be they racers, designers, mechanics, enthusiasts, off-roaders, or women who just can’t get enough of cars. And you know what? We could all use more of that energy in our lives.

So, in the spirit of spreading the love and supporting awesome women who share this fun little hobby, we’ve put together a list of 13 badass women in automotive you need to be following on Instagram. Let them be the source of your next #MondayMotivation.

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A post shared by Annika Carter (@annikacarter_)

Annika Carter

Annika Carter can do it all. She’s a performance driver and a licensed driving coach. She can wrench on her own cars (that is, after all, how she keeps her racing machines in shape), and she has an incredible sense of humor. And, she shares her stories and car reviews on A Girls Guide to Cars. Follow Annika for an inside look at what it means to be a professional racer and auto journalist.

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A post shared by Loni Unser (@loniunser)

Loni Unser

Racer Loni Unser is part of the legendary Unser racing family that’s been hitting the race track for generations. Her family encouraged her to explore her options, so she tried skiing, swimming, cross-country running, and academics to round out her personality—but she knew what she wanted, and she wanted to race. She’s a really fun Insta follow, since she’s really open about the highs and lows of the racing world.

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A post shared by Emelia Hartford (@ms.emelia)

Emelia Hartford

If it can be done, Emelia Hartford has done it. She’s an actress, influencer, YouTuber, television host, and, of course, a huge fan of cars. Whether she’s posting photos from the driver’s seat or the swimming pool, you’re going to be obsessed with how much fun her life is.

Follow her here

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A post shared by Emily Linscott (@emily_linscott_)

Emily Linscott

18-year-old Emily Linscott is the epitome of a badass. She’s been pursuing an open-wheel racing career for quite a while, which is frequently considered one of the more difficult disciplines of motorsport. She’s currently under the tutelage of Pippa Mann, a multi-time Indy 500 entrant, which means she’s in good hands. Emily is a great follow if you want to watch a kick-ass teen’s career progress—even if you might cringe at how tough some of her workout videos are.

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A post shared by Amber Balcaen | Racecar Driver (@amberbalcaen10)

Amber Balcaen

Stock car driver and influencer Amber Balcaen is on the path to NASCAR. She’s totally embraced the wonderful world of TikTok, where she gives her fans a behind-the-scenes look at her regular routines and the work that goes into competition. She’s proof that women can truly do it all.

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A post shared by Julia Landauer (@julialandauer)

Julia Landauer

She may be taking a break from her racing career, but Julia Landauer is still a great follow. She has a great perspective on racing in which she does her best to give back to both the community and the environment. If you’re a big fan of Survivor, you might even recognize her already!

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A post shared by Alex – that girl with the cars (@supercarblondie)

Alex, Supercar Blondie

Alex’s life is the epitome of #goals. A YouTuber, influencer, and massive car fan, Alex is always behind the wheel of those multi-million dollar machines most of us only dream about. Drink in her gorgeous photos of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Aston Martins, and McLarens—you’ll seriously never get enough.

Follow her here


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A post shared by Sophia ? (@sophiafloersch)

Sophia Floersch

German racing driver Sophia Floersch is so much fun. She’s currently part of an all-female endurance racing team, so you’ll see tons of inspirational content about the work she’s doing with her co-drivers. It’s also great to see so many active photos from her after she suffered a bad crash in 2018—she hasn’t let that stop her, even slightly.

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A post shared by Becky Evans (@queenb)

Becky Evans

Going by her online nickname Queen B, Becky Evans is a drifter, presenter, YouTuber, and Instagram influencer. She’s someone who’s spent her entire life behind the wheel, and her hard work has paid off in big ways—including big sponsorships, championships, and her own gorgeous collection of cars. Becky also posts tons of helpful car-car tips that will keep your machines in top form.

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A post shared by Amy Shore (@amyshorephotography)

Amy Shore

Photographer Amy Shore consistently posts goal-worthy content. She excels in beautiful photos of older cars in all kinds of situations, from off-roading to looking pristine in a showroom. You’re never going to get enough of her incredible art—or of the cars in her images.

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A post shared by Emma Walsh (@missemmawalsh)

Emma Walsh

Emma Walsh is a Formula E racing presenter, YouTuber, and car fanatic. She’s always posting some ridiculously gorgeous photos from her travels, and the cars she gets to drive are truly mind-blowing. And you’ll never get enough of her incredible YouTube videos.

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A post shared by Chaya Milchtein (@mechanicshopfemme)

Chaya Milchtein

Chaya Milchtein is a queer-friendly, body-positive automotive educator, speaker, and journalist. She considers herself a “mechanic interpreter,” which means she helps you understand exactly what your mechanic means when they talk about certain terms. Chaya is super inspiring to follow, and she’s going to help you understand the basics of automotive care.

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