9 Cars that Command Respect – Empowering Cars for Women that Put the World on Notice

Adeina Test Drove The Ford Escape; How To How To Buy A Car With Your Spouse
The Ford Escape I test drove; while I liked it, it was too small for all my cargo. Photo: Adeina Anderson

Start the conversation–or shut it down– with your car.

It’s a whole new world out there. We are more empowered than ever and yet, #MeToo has us in a cultural identity crisis. But you can still send a wordless message of power just by showing up. In the right car.

Here are the top 9 rides that send get the idea across without saying anything!

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1. The Sublime Sedan

Every girl needs a car that lets her shine. And the Alfa Romeo Giulia is the next best thing out of Italy after pasta. With dynamic handling and a timeless design, you’ll know always feel in control of wherever you are going.

2. The Incontrovertible Convertible

Make your budget look as sexy as an LBD in heels. The Fiat 124 Spider is one fast ride you’ll love getting to step on! And with tight seat design, it means you’ll always be cozy always look chic, with the top up or down.


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3. The Super Luxe Coupe

Classic women need classic cars. Demand the respect you deserve with the Aston Martin DB11 coupe – you can even remove the $196,000 price tag. Engineered to exhilarate, pick up your date or go solo. You’ll have fun either way.

4. The Barre Body Muscle Car

Do you know the best thing about muscle cars? They are all toned power, no flab or excess anything. Pull up shifting your own gears on a six-speed Dodge Viper and everyone will know right away there’s no touching that hood!


5. A Powerful Pickup Truck

Perfect for the country girl who wants more lift in her life than a pushup bra. This regular cab, short bed Chevy Silverado is perfectly lifted and riding on off-road tires. A bench seat means if your date has the nerve to slide over…you just want might want to keep him.


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6. The Green Car

The eco-chick who wants to drive something that says, “the only thing I’m plugging into…is a Turbo Cord car charger”  is right at home in a car that can do anything, from traversing creek beds to climbing mountains. And, the best thing about driving an all-electric Jaguar I-PACE? You never have to stop for gas.

7. The Classic SUV

Women made these cars what they are: Cars that enable our adventures and our families, and are as good for the soccer carpool as they are for date night. From our favorite Ford Explorer to the Tesla Model X, these are designed and built with the women in mind.

8. Hatchbacks –  Not Just for Him

For the woman in need of a car that is as much a global success as she aims to be, hatchbacks can be the true answer. They are flexible, fun to drive and are popular the world over. In this country, they have been co-opted by men, but we are starting to object. The Mercedes-Benz A-Class has a more serious drive and commands the respect you deserve!

9. The Minivan

Nothing screams this-woman-is-ready-to-rule-the-world, or the brood, like a minivan with booster seats and forgotten juice boxes. Yet a ride like the Honda Odyssey will still keep you drivin’ it like it’s hot.

Check Out These 9 Cars That Set The Tone And Command Respect- Without Saying A Word. These Cars Empower Women In The Drivers Seat.

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