Sierra Buys a Sierra: Why the 2020 GMC Sierra Is the Newest Addition to Our Family

Gmc Sierra

Gmc SierraAfter months of research, we finally bought the truck we dreamed of.

by Sierra Redmond

This past June we purchased a 2020 GMC Sierra Elevation. We wanted a pickup truck, so we spent a couple of months shopping online prior to picking out our new truck. We took some time to really research and look at the top makes and models that would suit our needs best.

After paying off our other car, this was going to be a huge investment and we wanted to gain some clarity on what we were spending our money on. In our search, we considered the GMC Sierra, Nissan Titan, and Ram Laramie series and it was hard to decide. Then, we sent out a quick poll to our friends and fellow truck owners and the response was overwhelming: we had to drive the GMC Sierra.

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Gmc SierraWhat Mattered to Us Most

We were looking for style, class, luxury, quality, a beautiful color and a vehicle within our price range of approximately $40,000. When a local dealership by chance had a Red 2020 GMC Sierra Elevation come onto their lot, we knew that it was time. We test drove the vehicle to be sure that it met our expectations. It was!

Gmc SierraThe Perfect Color

At first glance, we were sold on the bright red color. The GMC Sierra is a beautiful Red Quartz (we struggled to find a color like this on other vehicles) and the matte black detailing was very appealing. Style and class of the vehicle was very important to us in choosing because it is not being used for work or any special interests. It was important to have  a clean and luxurious vehicle but still have the ability to offer all the practicalities of a truck .

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Gmc SierraLove at First Test

At the test drive we fell in love with the space and upgraded features. The vehicle is very spacious and even the back seat can fit adults with ease. We were very impressed with our comfort in the vehicle which is important as we travel a lot and are looking forward to extended road trips after moving to the American Southwest. The sound is also amazing and the vehicle is extremely tech savvy with, from basics like a great touch screen and Apple CarPlay to OnStar, the connected service that allows you to call for help or assistance with the touch of a button. Oh, and  there’s in vehicle WiFi, too!
Some of the upgraded features aside from the technology include a trailer camera and an automatic tailgate that we can control from the key fob, which also has a remote start feature. Just push the button to start the car remotely; this is essential in the summer months .

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Gmc SierraHello, 2020 GMC Sierra

Even though its just been a few months of being new owners, we are very happy with our 2020 GMC Sierra. We have been spoiled by all its capabilities and we look forward to having this truck for many years. We are new to the GMC family as this is our first time owning a GMC, but we have nothing but amazing things to say so far; the dealership staff guided us through our process and helped us to choose the perfect vehicle to add to our family.
And it doesn’t hurt that every time I see this truck, I also see my name on it!