USED: 2019 GMC Terrain: the Compact SUV is the New Classic Family Car

2019 Gmc Terrain

Capable, versatile and stylish, and with a bit of muscle on the road.

I love my SUV. I spent a lot of time considering all the things my family needed in an SUV before we bought a GMC Yukon XL. But it’s big. It can be hard to park. It needs a lot of gas. And when it’s just me, it feels weighty to drive around town.

The GMC Terrain has many of the Yukon’s benefits, but it’s easier to park and maneuver and costs less to own. I can see why so many families are choosing smaller SUVs.

The sedan, for so many years the staple of families, is a shrinking breed, the mini-van isn’t cool (while still awesome, in my book!), the station wagon is a thing of the past (with a few exceptions like the Volvo V60). The SUV is the current GO-TO vehicle for families. The number of trucks and SUVs sold in the U.S. rose 8% in 2018 over 2017 where passenger car sales dropped 13% over the same period according to Marklines. SUVs like the GMC Terrain compact SUV are becoming the classic family car.

And for good reason. It has everything you could want in a family vehicle. The GMC Terrain Compact SUV offers it all with the sleek lines of a luxury brand, the spaciousness and cargo space of an SUV, even towing capacity and all-wheel-drive. It’s ready for your family should you need the city, suburbs or non-stop adventure.

All the Facts: Price, technical specs and all the details you need to know about the GMC Terrain

Terrain Exterior Front

Clean lines and a clearly GMC look give the Terrain it’s good looks. ?: Connie Peters

So, here’s to the robust features in the GMC Terrain Compact SUV at the price of $25,000 USD / $30,700 CAD to $37,800 USD / $42,200 for the top of the line Denali.

Interior Gmc Terrain

Clean lines, even in the interior of the GMC Terrain. ?: Connie Peters

You can Tow a Small Camper or Boat + Still bring the Bikes

The GMC Terrain can tow up to 3,500 lbs which is a boat or small camper.

Gmc Terrain Towing Capacity

The towing capacity of the Terrain is 3,500 LBs.

Apple CarPlay is a Must for Voice-to-text and is Standard in the Terrain

Use your smartphone on the go and take advantage of Apple Music, voice to text and Google Maps while you drive. For me, this feature is a must! I live for being to voice-to-text and use my Google Maps while I drive.

Gmc Terrain Driver'S Cabin

The comfortable driver’s cabin in the GMC Terrain. ?: Connie Peters

Available 5G LTE Wifi with OnStar

Sign up with OnStar and buy a WiFi plan to enable a Hotspot in the car. My kids get so excited when I have a vehicle with WiFi so they can surf, snap and ‘gram their way through a road trip or long drive downtown.

Gmc Terrain Side Back View

GMC Terrain has plenty of space. ?: Connie Peters

Extra Long Front to Back Load Floor Means You Can Pack a Kayak Inside

This front-to-back-load floor means you can pack gear (like a kayak!) inside, up to 8 feet long!

Pack the family and all the gear, and you’re ready for a weekend adventure outside the city.

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Gmc Terrain Cargo Space

There is so much space in the Terrain. ?: Connie Peters

Black Edition

Black wheels, blacked-out front grille, black roof rails, all for $995 USD and I love the look. It’s sleek and lux looking, it’ll turn heads.

Gmc Terrain Black Edition

GMC Terrain Black Edition. ?: GMC

Electronic Precision Shift

Push-button gear shift is something new over the past several years in a few vehicles I’ve driven and I love it. I feel that people either love it or hate it though. I like that it seems to take up less room on the console (also, I don’t like steering column shift).

Terrain Sideview

Classic lines of the GMC Terrain. ?: Connie Peters

Signature ‘C’ GMC Headlights + Taillights in LED

The GMC signature lights are ‘C’ shaped and it gives the Terrain a unique standout look – you always know it’s a GMC coming your way from the front and in your rear-view mirror.

Gmc Terrain Compact Suv

You know it’s a GMC from those headlights. ?: Connie Peters

Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel

A leather-wrapped steering wheel feels luxurious but also safe in your hands, as it provides a solid, easy to handle, steering wheel. In certain model trims, you will get a heated steering wheel too.

Gmc Terrain Compact Suv

That interior is oh-so-classy. ?: Connie Peters

High Fuel Efficiency

At 9.5l/100 KM and 26/30 MPG, it’s a great fuel economy for an SUV that can do it — tow to the lake country and maneuver city streets.

Gmc Terrain Backseat

Plenty of legroom in the back seats of the GMC Terrain. ?: Connie Peters

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I was provided the GMC Terrain Denali was provided for one week to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

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