Electric Super Car Superstar: Porsche Taycan Charges Onto the Global Electric Stage

Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan


This beauty is set to rock our world.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make a car choice that helps to avenge global warming, to harness the flowing water, the warming sun and the blowing wind, all to power a thrilling drive?

Porsche thought so, too.

As it became clear that car companies must rethink how they power our cars, the German sports car company announced an electric concept car in 2015. Finally, four years later the day arrived that they showed the Porsche Taycan to the world. [Say it tie-con]

An Introduction with a Truly Global Appeal

At three simultaneous livestreamed events, the German performance carmaker revealed this beautiful new sports cars to journalist in China, Germany and at Niagra Falls, Canada, all at the same time.

And, they shared the details about this new car. Like, it’s also all wheel drive. And it is equipped for super fast charging (5 minutes for 60 miles of charge and 22 minutes for 200 miles). It has an 800 volt system, twice the voltage of any other electric car. It should be able to travel 280 miles on a charge. The motors are protected against cold weather so they don’t lose charge when temperatures drop. The batteries are nestled underneath floor of the car so they don’t impede on passenger or cargo space. And, they revealed the price: The Taycan starts at $153,000 and the Turbo S starts at $187,000 (a more affordable two wheel drive model is on the horizon, too).

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Porsche Taycan

The driver’s seat in the Porsche Taycan. This model is finished in vegan leather: less of a carbon footprint and yet, an electric-charged thrill. ?Scotty Reiss

Wait…. Turbo? In an Electric Car?

Go ahead, bet your friends at the bar this weekend that the all electric Porsche Taycan comes in a turbo. It’s an easy win. The company calls dubbed this car “Turbo” to give us an idea of what it can do: Take off like a shot, as we have come to expect from turbo. But no, it’s not a mechanical turbo engine. This baby is all electric with 560kW of power– about 750 horsepower.

And if you don’t believe how fast and capable it is, just watch this:

[And you’ll be glad to know, by the way, that the driver of this car is our friend and professional racer Shea Holbrook. Only a superhero could do this, so they asked her!]

And, yeah, you heard that right… Launch mode.

OK, So Not All Roads Are Meant to be Driven Like That

And, Porsche gets that, too. So the Taycan is equipped with great technology, a super luxe interior and a very design-forward cabin to pamper you while you let your car do the work. You can tap the adaptive cruise system and let it guide you along the highway. And, you can plug in your phone and take care of business. Or you can crank up the Burmester premium sound system and zone out to your favorite playlist.

There are some very affirming things about the Porsche Taycan that make it one a girl can love. First, it’s a four door sedan with a fast-back look to it; there’s nothing heavy or frumpy about this car, yet it can seat you and three of your besties comfortably. I even got in and out of the back seat several times—it’s not impossible. And, the footwells are carved out of the battery bed for more passenger comfort.

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Porsche Taycan

The interior of the Porsche Taycan is completely rethought and redesigned… for modern versatility.Notice the slanted control center and the flatscreen that spans the dashboard, so the front seat passenger is front and center, too. ?Scotty Reiss

Also, I loved the infotainment interface. The screen spans the entire dash so the front seat passenger a dedicated screen too. This means that while you’re driving your navigator can do just that: Navigate. And, the center console is sleek, angled for easy view and reach giving an even more modern look to the car.

Last, you can have your choice of interiors, from luscious leather to soft touch materials to vegan leather that carries a smaller carbon footprint and a smaller sense of guilt. Which is the point of this exercise: to actually feel good about a car that is designed to make you feel great.

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Porsche Taycan

Two side views of the Porsche Taycan; there is a rear spoiler that lifts from the trunk lid when needed, and wide open wheels show off the sport brakes. ?Scotty Reiss

Dreaming and drooling? Here’s a little practice in saying this brand’s name so you’re primed for your first visit to see the Taycan.

Disclosure: I was Porsche’s guest for this introduction; travel and accommodations were provided but all opinions are my own.

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