USED: 2019 BMW M850i: Fast, Pretty and Finally, Topless (And We Approve!)

Bmw Z4 M40I

The BMW 8 series is back and more beautiful than ever.

And for the first time, they have included a convertible in the lineup, making the 2019 BMW M850i is one sweet ride. I test drove a convertible M series version of the 850i, a soft-top, four-seater that has impressive power and torque-which is what the M series is known for. It has an updated 4.4L 8-cylinder turbocharged engine and a new exterior design that is elegant and aggressive, but evokes emotion; you won’t want to look away.

The 2019 M850i, which is priced at about $121,000 US and $134,000 Canadian, (NEW)  carries BMW’s new design language and it is stunning. The front end is more bullet-shaped and the iconic “kidney grille” has new dimension, with a crease across its arc and its formerly round edges are now sharpened at the corners. The headlights have been sharpened, too; the iconic semi-circle lights have been creased at the corners, giving the front end a steely-eyed look. And, creases in the metal on the hood and side panels channel air flow to further increase performance. And, it is available in a traditional hard top or soft top, which can be raised or lowered in 15 seconds. Pretty sweet, if you ask me.

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2019 BMW M850i: Fast, Pretty and Topless

Watch our video for a closer look at this beauty.

Luxury Inside and Out, Including Swarovski Crystal Details

Some gorgeous styling details are included in BMWs new exterior design language. Looking wide and aggressive from both the front and rear, the BMW kidney grille frames the car’s proportions  with the hexagonal grille. At the same time, this cabriolet looks sleek and sexy in its profile.
Inside is a harmonious balance of driver-focused cockpit and incredible luxury. There is a seamless transition between the instrument panel and door trim. It is evident that the designers were mindful of all the materials they used to deliver an interior that is opulent.
And, adding a bit of glamour and bling is the available Swarovski crystal control elements ($650) on the gearshift, iDrive controller and volume knob. They sparkle when the sunlight hits them.

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2019 Bmw 850I

The rear of the 2019 BMW M850i shows off the cabriolet’s aerodynamics. ?Lacey Lee Elliott

The M850i Comes Nicely Loaded. But Of Course, There Are Upgrades

This beauty comes with a lot of great standard features. The model we test drove had technology and driver assistance systems including lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, blind spot detection,  front collision warning with brake intervention and adaptive cruise control with stop & go. Added to the standard features were the Driving Assistant package and optional Driving Assistant Professional ($1,700 US), which monitors traffic around you and helps to regulate your speed. We could have added night vision ($2,300), neck warmers on the head rests ($500).

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But How Does It Drive? 

I thoroughly enjoyed driving the M850i. With an all new standard adaptive M suspension, active steering, and roll stabilization, the M850i hugs the road and every curve on it. And when going through a curve, the rollover protection activates if the electronics indicate a risk of roll-over, which can be particularly devastating in a convertible. So, BMW included two high-strength rollover bars fitted behind the headrests that will extended in a fraction of a second, forming a survival space for the occupants.
And that might be the ultimate luxury: That you can drive a super luxe sports car from BMW’s M class of performance cars and be safe and secure, even in a convertible.
Disclosure: BMW Provided the M850i for this review; all opinions are my own.
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