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Take a front row seat for our What Drivers Her interviews with women who are changing the automotive world from the inside. We've wanted to bring you this podcast for a long time. It's finally here!

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I have a confession to make. 

If you run into me in the airport, the grocery store or walking my dog and I seem distracted, I’m not ignoring you; I’m probably listening to a podcast. 

I love podcasts for that fly-on-the-wall feeling when something good is being discussed. Rather than a reporter conducting an interview and then relaying the story, you get to hear the story unfold in real time, hear the questions, digest the answers and capture the tone, context and body language. It’s a singularly rich and robust experience. 

So, as I’ve interviewed many fascinating and important women in the automotive industry, I’ve wished I could share the entire experience with you: Not just her answers to my questions, but how she shapes them, the moments when she pauses to consider what she’ll say next and those when she gets passionate about her answer. You can hear the heat in her voice, the rise in her tenor. And then you know, it’s going to be good.

What Drives Her Podcast

What Drives Her Podcast – A Girls Guide to Cars

Finally… Our Interviews, in Podcast Form

When we started to talk about a podcast that would bring our content to you in a personal chat format, we thought deeply about just which stories we would share. We publish a lot of them, after all. 

But the stories about women who are building careers in automotive, who are mentoring, leading and shaping the industry are the ones that we get most excited about. Because these are women we could talk to forever. We learn so much from them —their challenges and fears, the wins that make them feel accomplished and proud, the things big and small that connects them more deeply with their colleagues, their families and their chosen profession. 

They inspire us and they inspire you — you’ve told us that. 

So we are thrilled to bring those discussions to the podcast world. Each week Connie Peters and I will bring you a new conversation with peple who are changing the automotive world from the inside. 

Spotify Podcast Page

Our Spotify podcast page!

Where To Find Our Podcast

Lots of places! We are continually adding our podcast to popular platforms; so far you can find us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and shortly, on our YouTube channel.

Our early episodes include interviews with LeeAnn Shattuck, aka The Car Chick, who talks about how she became a car concierge. She also shares her insights into getting the right car at the right price, no matter how difficult, and how you can too. 

We talk to Kristin Shaw and Jill Ciminillo, two automotive journalists who you may have seen in our pages, as they prepared to compete in their second Rebelle Rally. They share their nerves, anxiety and how they overcame them, and how they preserved their friendship despite the trials of doing one of the most challenging competitions in the auto world. 

And we talk to some of our writers about why they wanted to become automotive journalists: Teia Collier, who brings the perspective of a single mom of 3, the juggles and the struggles; Jill Robbins, who is a family travel writer, former military and now a mom of teen boys; Liv Leigh, who shares her love of EVs and empowers people with disabilities to enjoy and love cars as much as the rest of us; and Annika Carter, who as a race car driver shares her excitement and knowledge, but also has many fo the same vulnerabilities as the rest of us.

What Drives Her Podcast With Annika Carter And Liv Leigh

What Drives Her Podcast with Annika Carter and Liv Leigh

Each in her own way is empowering women to use their voices, to recognize their validity as a car buyer, owner and driver, and elevates our ambition to do the things we want to do despite the obstacles. 

I hope you’ll stop by and listen to an episode or two. Subscribe so you don’t miss our upcoming discussions. And join the discussion. 

See you over on the pod! 

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