I Want To Go Back To The Past With The 2023 BMW iX M60

2023 Bmw Ix M60 Featured Photo: Rich Lacey
2023 BMW iX M60 Featured Photo: Rich Lacey

The 2023 BMW iX M60 is the car you could to take into the past to show people where we are now.

If you’ve ever engaged in that little thought experiment, you know what I’m talking about. If you could take any item into the past to illustrate how far we’ve come as humans, what would it be? I’d take the new, all-electric 2023 BMW iX M60.

There is a lot of technology to show off in EV’s, and the BMW iX M60 is no exception. Technology abounds in terms of driver safety systems and in terms of passenger entertainment and comfort. Visually, It’s dazzling. It’s got so many features your eyes will water. It’s a futuristic-looking SUV and took a minute for me to decide how I felt about it. But it’s got some sure-to-be all-time favorite details that ground it in the present, too.

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The Screens! Stunning! Photo: Sara Lacey

The screens! Stunning! Photo: Sara Lacey

My introduction to the 2023 BMW iX M60 was lovely. The first time I got into the car and was greeted by the automated Personal Assistant saying “Good morning, it’s nice to see you,” I was hooked. Nice to see you too, iX! This feature might spook our brethren from the past, though. The other thing that might spook them is the $105,100 price of the iX M60. It won’t help that my test car had a couple packages that took the price to $113,420.

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Crazy Fun Angles Of The M60 Performance Ev. Photo: Rich Lacey

Crazy fun angles of the M60 performance EV. Photo: Rich Lacey

Introductions are Necessary Because this Car is New. Like, NEW New

This is the first M60 model of the iX. The iX itself only just debuted in 2022, and the M60 is a performance version of it. It has dual motors that generate 516 horsepower, but the M60? The M60 takes it to the next level with 610 horsepower. It’s stupefying. I stepped on it, and despite being prepared, I made my passenger drop his phone. It takes your breath away. In every sense. The iX M60 is estimated to get up to 280 miles. If you plug it into a DC Fast Charger for 10 minutes, you’ll get 90 miles.

Paying At The Pump. Photo: Rich Lacey

Paying at the pump. Photo: Rich Lacey

I plugged in at an Electrify America and used the Ultra-Fast charger while I went and did some shopping. I was at 22% when I plugged in. The charger told me I’d need about 40 minutes to get to a full charge (to 80%, not 100%). When I came out 25 minutes later it had gotten to 52%. So 30% in 25 minutes. It cost $17.63, but if you also used Electrify America, you’d get it for free for two years, compliments of BMW.

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Charging At Electrify America. Photo: Rich Lacey

Charging at Electrify America. Photo: Rich Lacey

Who This Car Is For

  • Smaller families, couples, and couples with pets
  • Adrenaline junkies
  • Tech aficionados
  • Early adopters
  • Luxe lifestyle lovers

What You Need To Know

  • You can drive this car like a banshee. The performance and speed is no joke
  • It would make sense to compare the iX M60 to the iX to see if the increased horsepower and torque is something you need
  • This car can handle families and pets, but it’s over $105,000 so…
  • It’s worth spending time exploring the technology. There is a payoff for knowing what the iX M60 is capable of
  • BMW says the iX M60 can charge 90 miles in 10 minutes using a Level 3 DC fast charger
  • Two years of free charging through Electrify America

What This Car Costs (Get Ready)

BMW iX xDrive50: $84,100

The BMW iX xDrive50 starts at $84,100. It has dual all-electric motors that produce 516 horsepower and 564 lb-ft of torque. This gets you from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds. It has one-pedal driving, multiple drive modes, camera lens washing systems, 20” wheels, and shadowline exterior trim.

It comes with BMW’s suite of connected services, Bluetooth connectivity, two front and four rear USB-C charge ports, wireless charging, sound system with amplifier and 12 speakers, Live Cockpit Plus, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Coveted features include eclipsing panoramic sunroof, multicolor ambient lighting, heated seats, infrared thermally insulated windshield, and the whole range of safety technology.

Safety features include dynamic cruise control, rearview camera, park distance control, acoustic pedestrian protection, parking assistant, backup assistant, fatigue alert, focus alert, pre-crash warning and preparation systems, and safe exit feature (warns of a collision risk when opening doors), and more.

This model has a range of up to 305 miles.

BMW iX M60: $108,900

The BMW iX M60 starts at $108,900 and has everything the xDrive50 has. However, it has different tuning on those dual motors, so you get a whopping 610 horsepower and 749 lb-ft of torque. That means you go from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds.

Additionally, it has a 2-axle air suspension system, M Sport brake with blue calipers, 21” wheels, personal eSIM with 5G support, Bowers and Wilkins stereo system with surround sound, Live Cockpit Professional with a curved display and configurable instrument cluster, head-up display, heated seats, heated steering wheel, heated armrests, redundant tail lamps inside tailgate, interior camera, and more.

This model has a range of up to 280 miles.


  • Driving Assistance Pro Package: $1,900
  • Luxury Package: $1,150
  • Amido Perforated Leather: $3,500
  • Destination Charge: $995

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Rear Angle Of The Ix M60. Photo: Rich Lacey

Rear angle of the iX M60. Photo: Rich Lacey

The Exterior Is Very EV

For me, this is a good thing, but I’m not sure everyone agrees. The car looks like a solidly sporty, angular vehicle. It most definitely looks like an SUV, and it’s got the distinctive BMW grille. There are panels on either side of the grille where air intake vents would be in a gas-powered vehicle, and the grille is really just a panel. BMW says that there is a “self-healing” coating on the panel that will repair itself in the event it gets a chip from a rock or debris. I didn’t have the opportunity to observe that in person, but it sounds amazing.

The hood cannot be opened, which is not unusual for EVs. Instead, you can press the badge on the hood and it opens, revealing the wiper fluid reservoir!

The rear of the iX looks so sharp and modern. There are horizontal LED taillights and a rear spoiler that complete the performance look so nicely. I love all the angles on this car. It’s got a motion-activated liftgate. Just kick your leg under the bumper, and it opens or closes.

The Gorgeous Command Center. Photo: Sara Lacey

The gorgeous command center. Photo: Sara Lacey

The Interior Reminds You It’s a BMW, a Really Posh One

The quilted, perforated leather seats greeted me, and I thought at first the interior looked a bit austere. Then I saw the bronze trim and the center console. It was a beautiful oasis of wood and crystal (yes, crystal) that made the interior feel warm and inviting. The flat wood panel had buttons that made this very button-needy driver happy. But they were subtle, not interfering with the clean look of the cabin. Additionally, this is where the gear selector and the drive mode selector lived. At the front of the console was a nook where I could put my phone. It looked SO GOOD. It’s as though BMW knew exactly what was going to go in that spot and thought about how it would look in that space. Gorgeous. Integrated.

The Phone Holder. Photo: Sara Lacey

The phone holder. Photo: Sara Lacey

And let’s also discuss that the center console was a two-level storage space. So there was the platform where the aforementioned wood panel was, and below was a wireless charging pad. You could also use that open space for a small bag, and there were two USB-C chargers as well. In front of that space were the cupholders. I wasn’t sure how these were going to function, as they were closer to the floor than usual. They worked well, but I was conscious of not grabbing my cup by the top in the event it wasn’t secure. I should probably do that more, anyway.

The steering wheel shape took some getting used to, but I did appreciate that it echoes the angles found all over the rest of the vehicle. The buttons were easy to use, and the trim made it feel sophisticated.

Bmw Multimedia System. Photo: Sara Lacey

BMW multimedia system. Photo: Sara Lacey

The BMW iX M60 is Intimidating, but Only Sort Of, Thanks to Shy Tech

I’m not wanting to sugarcoat how tech-heavy the BMW iX is. If you let it be intimidating, it will be. But if you aren’t afraid to spend some time pushing buttons and asking questions, you learn that the iX is actually quite friendly and accommodating. Literally, you can ask the car to do stuff for you, and it will. It will turn down the stereo or turn up the heat. It will guide you to a new restaurant and tell you what the temperature is outside.

You can say “Hey, BMW” and the car will answer you and complete your request. “Hey, BMW,” you say. You’ll hear a chime, and then you can make your request. “Increase the temperature to 72 degrees.” You’ll hear a confirmation from the system, “increasing the cabin temperature to 72 degrees throughout” and your request is granted.

And look, I’m not trying to say that a computer made me feel special, but the iX’s Personal Assistant made me feel special. Not just with the “good morning” greeting, but really just not arguing with me. This system understood me, and for the most part, it didn’t confuse many of my commands. Not having to repeat myself was very refreshing.

You can use the My BMW app to further customize your experience and warm up or cool down the cabin remotely. The app expands the personalization of the iX.

You can make your navigation requests with this system, and it’s a wonderful thing to be able to do while driving, so you don’t have to attempt to type new directions into a screen interface. And what’s more, I found the BMW system really easy to use. I’m usually really tempted to just use Apple CarPlay because it’s easy and predictable. I loved that I actually wanted to use BMW’s system.

Shy Tech is BMW’s practice of stashing away any technological pieces that could be found to be intimidating by the driver and passengers. It keeps everything you need at your fingertips, or to access with your voice and gestures, and that’s it.

Energizing Instrument Cluster. Photo: Sara Lacey

Energizing instrument cluster. Photo: Sara Lacey

2023 BMW iX M60 Screens Dazzle

The crystals in the command center and in the doors (to adjust seating positions) aren’t the only eye-catching interior features. The giant curved screen that functions as the instrument cluster AND the multimedia system is a stunner. It’s customizable and employs drive modes to create different environments on the screens in the cluster.

For example, you put the car into sport mode, and the colors and designs change on the center screen. The instrument cluster’s gauges change, and so does the head-up display. Also, the LED lights throughout the cabin turn red. It’s great fun to sit in the driveway and try all the choices. It’s even cooler out on the road to select a mode and know immediately which one you’re in.

The screens are large and crisp. The interaction between the main dashboard display and the crystal iDrive selector is seamless and effortless. Heavenly.

Cubby In Door. Photo: Sara Lacey

Cubby in door. Photo: Sara Lacey

But What About Passengers?

Passengers are not shortchanged in the 2023 BMW iX M60. The front passenger has crystals in the door, as well as a cubby for a phone, wallet or small items. They too have comfortable seats and some amenities. The rear passengers each have two USB-C chargers, heated seats, and cupholders in the armrest. They can manage their own climate back there, and the LED lighting extends to the back seat, too.

The Acommodating Rear Seat. Photo: Sara Lacey

The accommodating rear seat. Photo: Sara Lacey

The rear seat has a 40/20/40 fold, which is so handy if you have a couple of passengers in the back but you want to carry skis, etc. There are two sets of latch connectors and three top tether anchors. The rear benches are fairly flat, which should make car seats fit well.

Each rear passenger feels like they have their own space. There was enough room in the center seat for a third person, though probably not for a long road trip. The latch connectors are hidden by a clever cover in the back seat. There is a strap to pull and reveal the connectors. So cleverly stashed away!

On The Road. Photo: Rich Lacey

On the road. Photo: Rich Lacey

The Drive and the Ride Is Just Another Reason It’s Exceptional

The iX M60 is a beast on the road. I wondered whether I’d be able to tell the difference between a fast EV and a high-performance EV. The fact of the matter is that when I hit the accelerator hard, passengers in the car actually dropped things. The speed took everyone’s breath away, even me behind the wheel.

This was in Sport Mode. The steering and braking was equally responsive, particularly in Sport Mode. Eco Mode had very heavy braking and very mild acceleration. I could activate one-pedal driving by using the gear selector. That is my favorite way to just relax when driving. It also happens to be the most efficient, so I’ll take that bonus!

BMW calls their drive modes “My Modes.” They are Sport, Efficient, Energized, and Relax. Each mode adjusted the performance of the iX (from aggressive to more comfortable and efficient). There was even a “personal” option where I could go in and make selections just for me! I enjoyed the sounds being piped through the cabin. While this isn’t new, it’s nifty and adds a little flavor. EVs can be so quiet, which can be lovely, or a little cold.

Finding a Hole In My Thought Experiment

I realize my desire to take the 2023 BMW iX M60 has a critical flaw. There likely wouldn’t be roads if I went that far into the past. But even if I just took it back to 1960, I imagine people would be stunned. But the amount of fun I had just sitting in the driveway trying everything out makes me think anyone in any time period would find this machine a wonder.

Disclosure: BMW Provided the iX M60 for me to test. All opinions are my own.

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