Get Ready for Winter With a 2022 BMW M240i xDrive. Yes, Really

2022 Bmw M240I Xdrive. Photo: Sara Lacey
2022 BMW M240i xDrive. Photo: Sara Lacey

The 2022 BMW M240i xDrive is a dream, no matter the season.

My plane was landing in Denver in a blizzard. In the dark. My face was stuck to the window, thinking there was no way I was going to make it home at any time soon, because I was picking up my test car which was a 2022 BMW M240i xDrive coupe (starting price of $48,550 but mine was $57,295 after lots of features were added). In case you’re not sure what that means, it means I was going to be driving home in the heaviest snow Denver had seen all season in a little 2-door BMW. As confident as I am behind the wheel, I have to admit I was nervous.

Back Of The M240I. Photo: Sara Lacey

Back of the M240i. Photo: Sara Lacey

Conquering my fear with a Confident Car

To be clear, I knew I’d be safe. I just didn’t know how long my normally 45-minute drive would take, and how sketchy the drive would be. I sent text messages to the family saying I was going to be late. A few minutes later on the shuttle to the lot, I texted them again to say I was going to be really, really late because the road to the airport had been closed due to an accident. So. That’s how it was going. Once the road opened up and we were back on the way to the lot. Again, I texted the family to tell them that my app predicted I’d be home around 8:45 but I knew it was going to be much later. 

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Red And Blue M Lighting Looks So Sharp! Photo: Sara Lacey

Red and blue M lighting looks so sharp! Photo: Sara Lacey

The Interior of the 2022 BMW M240i Interior Knocked my Socks Off

The lot where I retrieved the car was covered and well-lit. The M240 was waiting for me there, and she was beautiful. Unscathed by the weather swirling about outside the parking garage, the pearly white paint showed off the lines of the car. I opened the trunk and fit my carry-on suitcase in there, with no problem. I could have fit a couple more in there, too. Then, I walked around and opened the door. To my surprise and delight, the interior was a gorgeous red. What’s more, the interior lighting package illuminated the door panels red and blue. It really made an impact, and made the car feel warm, which was really needed in this blizzard.

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But Will Your Drink Fit? Photo: Sara Lacey

But will your drink fit? Photo: Sara Lacey

Never Fear, xDrive is Here

I got adjusted and headed out of the parking garage, knowing I was going to just have to take it slow and easy. The best feeling was knowing that the “xDrive” meant all-wheel drive. What a relief! The wet, snowy roads took some adjusting to, mostly because of the low ground clearance. That said, the M240i was sure footed and sturdy in the deep slush. I never felt a lack of control or confidence from the car, and was consistently surprised and pleased at the car’s performance in the inclement weather.

I was able to turn on the heated steering wheel and seats to keep myself comfortable. These features are part of a cold-weather package that will cost an additional $2,750. This package also includes adaptive LED headlights, a head-up display, and Live Cockpit Pro, which is their customizable instrument cluster setup. You can select what information is displayed there and in the head-up display, the idea being that it keeps your eyes on the road (or as close to it) as possible. Think navigation, speed, rpm’s, and music.

Instrument Cluster Lit Up. Photo: Sara Lacey

Instrument cluster lit up. Photo: Sara Lacey

Driving and Multimedia Features give you lots of Control.

Let me just say right now that the BMW M240i xDrive has so much technology and so many features. There are cameras that show the surround-view around the car, active cruise control, drive record, and active park distance control. This Driving Assistance Package costs $1,450. The drive record feature is cool, it uses the same cameras as the surround-view feature to record what’s happening around you on the road. 

You can use the WiFi hotspot if you need it, and you can also use the Connected Package to get real-time traffic updates, and on-street parking information.

It’s also got some fun driving features that will appeal to people who may want to take the M240i x-Drive out for some laps around the track. In the multimedia system there is a lap timer. There is also an M Sport differential, and M Sport brakes with blue calipers, and an adaptive M suspension. The M240i will adjust the steering and suspension to the type of environment you’re driving in. It’s a blast to use the different drive modes to test these variations out and experience how the car handles. I love that this car can be fun in all conditions!

The M240i xDrive is still a Driving Machine.

And the drive is so much fun. Starting the engine up will make you grin and giggle with it’s roar and rumble. The M240i has a twin-turbo 8-cylinder engine which means it’s really fast right off the line and just gets faster from there. If you want to drive it that way, that is. Hilariously, there is a speed camera warning system for all you speed demons out there. It’s hard to keep one’s foot off the accelerator, is all I’m going to say about that.

Wait, I’ll say something else. The 2022 BMW M240i xDrive gets an estimated 26 mpg’s. But if you’re driving like you want to get everywhere as fast as possible, that number will likely be lower.

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Watch Out! Or Let The Bmw Watch Out On Your Behalf. Photo: Sara Lacey

Watch out! Or let the BMW watch out on your behalf. Photo: Sara Lacey

Lots of Technology, Lots of Love for your Device of Choice

The BMW 240i xDrive uses the iDrive multimedia system to manage all your stuff. Like navigation, music, phone, driving systems, and on and on. I was impressed with how easily the car toggled between my Apple CarPlay and the iDrive system (the car is also compatible with Android Auto). The touchscreen on the dash had a little icon in the upper left corner that when pressed, took me to and from Apple CarPlay and iDrive.

I could twist the knob to move between menus, and the flat top of it actually functions as a touchpad, enabling you to write a street name with your finger. This technology isn’t new, but it’s still cool.

The Back Seat. For Your Purse. Photo: Sara Lacey

The back seat. For your purse. Photo: Sara Lacey

Passenger Space is best kept to a Minimum

The backseat is not exactly ample. There is seating for two, but adults will be hard pressed (literally) to spend a long time back there, and likely will opt out altogether if they’re tall. The seats do have latch connectors and tether anchors, but you’ll want to install a seat during your test drive to see if it’s something that’s practical on a daily basis. The rear seats have a rear climate control system, and two cupholders in a fold-down armrest. If you want to go skiing, you can fold down that center position even more and it accesses the trunk. This is ideal for putting skis and poles in the trunk instead of messing around with a roof rack. Tip: keep a towel or blanket handy to protect that pretty red leather interior.

You Put Your Skis In There! Photo: Sara Lacey

You put your skis in there! Photo: Sara Lacey

I Didn’t Drive like a Banshee, I just had a Great Car

Speaking of skiing, that reminds me of the blizzard I was driving in. My family had settled in for a movie, thinking I wasn’t going to be home for a while. My driving app wasn’t totally off. I made it home at 9:02. The 2022 BMW M240i xDrive got me home like a champ, and I was excited to go out and drive it again!

Rear 3/4 Angle Of The M240I. Photo: Sara Lacey

Rear 3/4 angle of the M240i. Photo: Sara Lacey

Disclosure: BMW provided the M240i xDrive for me to test. All impressions are my own.

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