The VW ID.Buzz 7-Seater Van is Here and Minivans Will Never Be The Same Again

It's finally here: Volkswagen lifted the curtain on the VW ID.Buzz and we got to crawl through it and discover how this 7-seater van puts the *fun* in function.

The In Cabana Blue
The ID.Buzz in Cabana Blue

Just don’t call it a minivan. It’s way more awesome. 

We’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. Like, a decade. And, we didn’t even really know what we were looking forward to, other than it would be iconic and electric. The VW ID.Buzz 7-seater van finally made its North American debut in Huntington Beach, California, appropriately, and it’s so much more than we could have hoped for. 

Before I tell you all about the electrifying fact that it’s all electric, let me share what is so awesome.

The third row. 

Yes, the third row. It’s HUGE. I climbed in — I’m 5’8” —  and I could sit back and cross my legs. With the center row seats pushed all the way toward the back. 

Storage Behind The 3Rd Row

Storage behind the 3rd row. Photo: Scotty Reiss

It was easy to climb in. Slide and tilt the center seat forward and and you have an easily 2’ wide space to climb in. And the ID.Buzz is not super tall, likely about 7” (VW hasn’t released specs yet) which makes it even easier to get in and out. And the center seats slide and tilt with lots of room to do so, meaning that they can do that with a child passenger car seat LATCH installed.

I can’t adequately explain how awesome all this was. And before you say, well, there must be no room behind the third row, nope. There’s plenty of space behind the third row. And, you can increase it by folding the third row down, or simply removing the seats. Yes, taking them completely out. 

That’s just the start of the cool factor in this car— because space for everyone is cool. But it needs to look cool, too.

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There Was More Than Enough Room For Everyone- Sue Mead, Kymri Wilt, Tanya Gazdik And Me

There was more than enough room for everyone- Sue Mead, Kymri Wilt, Tanya Gazdik and me. Photo: Scotty Reiss

A Larger and More Refined ID.Buzz for North America

VW did something really smart here: the company released a 5-passenger version of the ID.Buzz in Europe last year, but waited to bring it to the US so they could deliver what we need. The Euro version is smaller, less powerful and likely will go fewer miles on a charge than the North American version (VW hasn’t released details on that yet). 

But Americans like to drive. We like to go far, carry lots of stuff and bring our people and fur babies. The ID.Buzz is designed for just that need: seating for 6 or 7, a very flexible interior, even more capability with the roof rails, AWD capability for those in hilly or snowy regions of the country.

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It'S Hard Ot Tell, But Legroom In The 3Rd Row Is Huge

It’s hard to tell, but legroom in the 3rd row is huge. I had room to spare, and the center row seats were pulled all the way back. Photo: Scotty Reiss

ID.Buzz Puts the “Fun” in Function  

It has a face that looks like it was drawn by Walt Disney. It comes in fun colors. It has lovely interiors that are anything but boring. Even the USB ports, cup holders, bottle pockets and window controls are cleverly placed. There are Easter Eggs— those fun little icons that are a delight to discover, that make you smile every time you see them. 

And that’s the idea. “People will pass the Buzz and smile, it creates emotion,” said Andrew Savvas executive vice president of sales and marketing for VW North America. 

The hope is that the ID. Buzz will appeal to more than just families looking for a fun way to get through routines and road trips. Andrew told us that “it will appeal to first time buyers, electric buyers,” people who love music and surfing, creatives and those who aspire to live with more freedom, more self expression. And more fun.

And, no doubt, parents who want their kids to feel that same happiness, creativity and aspiration.

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A View Of The Cabin In The Vw And The Panoramic Sunroof

A view of the cabin in the VW ID.Buzz and the panoramic sunroof, which switches from opaque to clear with the swipe of a finger! Photo: Scotty Reiss

And of Course, It’s All Electric! 

The North American version of the ID Buzz will have a larger battery, single or dual motors for rear wheel or all wheel drive, 282 or 330 HP and a range of, and I’m guessing here, about 300 miles (we’ll have to wait and see).

Then, it’ll be outfitted with a slew of great features, including: 

  • A range of fun colors including Energetic orange, Pomelo Yellow, Mahi Green and Cabana blue 
  • sliding side doors. 
  • Power tailgate with motion activated open
  • Play and Pause pedals
  • A removable center console between the front seats
  • Interior leatherette color combos: brown/black; light gray and clay; brown and yellow 
  • ambient lighting w 30 colors 
  • A panoramic sunroof that covers most  67” long and 41” wide that changes from clear to opaque, glass is tinted to keep the cabin cool
  • Rear windows are tinted to keep cabin cool
  • Center row seats can move forward or back up to 8”, recline 16%, and slide forward 4” for 3rd row access
  • Seating for 7 with a center row bench or captains chairs 
  • Wireless apple CarPlay and android auto, wireless phone charging, 8 USB C ports, 110V under passenger seat and 12V in cargo area
  • Brand new multimedia system — the same as in the upcoming ID.7 — touch sliders for volume and temperature and a “Car Control Center” with instant access to key functions  
  • ID.Light system just under the windshield lights up to show turn signals and navigation prompts, incoming calls, and when using voice assistance, it signals that it’s listening 
  • IQ Drive level 2 semi-autonomous driving 
  • Air vents and dome lights built into the the ceiling next the sunroof 
  • A storage shelf on front dash
  • Lots of easter eggs to find! 
  • A sliding window on sliding door
  • 3rd row cubbies and USB ports 
  • Optional roof rails 
  • Cargo area storage boxes
  • Strap grips on center pillars— a vintage detail!
A View Of The Front Cabin In The Vw Those Trays On The Rear Of The Front Seats Wont Be In The Us Editions

A view of the front cabin in the VW ID.Buzz those trays on the rear of the front seats won’t be in the US editions. Photo: Scotty Reiss

What Won’t We See in the ID. Buzz?

Sadly, we won’t the awesome tray tables that pop out from the back of the front seats. These are on the prototype but won’t pass US safety regulations, so they won’t be included. 

We also won’t see the ID.Buzz in dealerships for another year– in 2024.. Yes, they’re making us wait another year for this. But it’ll be worth it.

And, we won’t see it called a “minivan.” Even the execs at VW don’t like the idea of being pigeonholed into the “minivan” image. 

We’re not sure we agree with that; we love—and love to hate—minivans, but we’re a fan of anything that puts the “fun” in function.

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Disclosure: I was a guest of VW for this introduction. Travel and accommodations were provided but all opinions are my own.

The Rear Of The Vw Long Wheel Base

The rear of the VW ID.Buzz Long Wheel Base. Photo: Scotty Reiss

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