The 2023 Kia Niro Hybrid is a Powerhouse of Value

The feature-packed, budget-friendly Kia Niro Hybrid offers boosted value with more horsepower, thoughtful design materials and fuel efficiency - all in a compact package.

The 2023 Kia Niro Best Car
The 2023 Kia Niro. Photo: Liv LeighCredit: Scotty Reiss

Welcome to your Jill-of-All-Trades, the 2023 Kia Niro Hybrid

The 2023 Kia Niro boasts a modern-looking refresh that departs from the almost cutesy stylings of old and brings you a more sophisticated aesthetic, showing off some more angular features echoed by other new Kia vehicles and even a slightly more spacious interior. This delightfully affordable offering starts at a price of $27,915, but the Niro also serves up the perfect dose of electric propulsion in whatever quantity you’re looking for.

Kia offers a hybrid model that sports a 1.6L four-cylinder engine with a 32kW electric motor that combines to extend the fuel range to 53 mpg. Additionally, this model boasts a sassy 33-mile all-electric range on top of the standard engine. If your daily commute is under 33 miles, you can literally spend your week silently coasting in electric mode and save that gas engine for some lengthier road trips. They also have an option to dive right in with their full EV model, featuring a 64.8-kWh battery that offers up to 253 miles of range.

Speaking of that package, I got to spend almost a week with the 2023 Kia Niro SX Touring Hybrid, and I enjoyed myself immensely.

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Traditional Door Handles Are Easy To Grab Even If You Have Dexterity Difficulties

Traditional door handles on the Kia Niro are easy to grab even if you have dexterity difficulties. Photo: Liv Leigh

The Kia Niro Hybrid Rises to Your Comfort Level 

I was able to borrow this Niro during a trip to visit family in Denver, Colorado, so the first thing I did when I saw it was fling a bunch of luggage into the trunk. Now, I’m not going to lie; it’s not the most spacious I’ve ever seen, but it was fine enough to hold the luggage of two people for a month’s worth of travel, and that is not a small feat.

Looking perfect for the week in outdoorsy Colorado, my Kia Niro Hybrid shined in Cityscape green with bold black accents. The sporty new exterior stylings look sharp and pleasing, and the tech-focused (and eco-friendly) interior makes it feel almost like you could be getting into their fancy EV6. The traditional door handles are easy to grab even if you have dexterity issues like me, and its upright SUV body style makes it easy to slide into, even if you have mobility issues, also like me.

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The Panoramic Display Elevates Carries High-Tech Across Other Kia Vehicles

The panoramic displayin the Kia Niro elevates carries high-tech across other Kia vehicles. Photo: Liv Leigh

A Value-Conscious SUV with Premium Features

Hopping in, it feels like a car. As in, it feels familiar, comfortable, and predictable. Manual air vents, dials, and a traditional gear stick make interactions automatic and effortless, but futuristic features elevate this cabin and significantly stand out against the previous model year. The expansive dual 10.25-inch panoramic displays and (slightly controversial) switchable climate and media control bar elevate the interior and, coupled with the distinctive new styling, make it feel rather premium for the price.

The Back Seats Are Spacious And Comfortable

The Kia Niro has back seats which are spacious and comfortable. Photo: Liv Leigh

What We Love About the Kia Niro Hybrid

  • The $27,915 starting price
  • The stylish modern aesthetics
  • The expansive dual 10.25-inch panoramic displays
  • The range benefits of an electric motor without ever having to charge
  • The push-button show-and-hide cupholder partitions give you flexible center console storage
  • The spacious rear seating

Cramming the family in on our visit was the perfect test, and everyone piled in with ease for various trips around town. We’re a short bunch, with no one being even close to 6 feet tall, but we still noticed how extremely spacious the rear seating was with all the copious legroom we had. The seats, in general, feel supportive and comfy enough, but they might be a little bit firm on a really long road trip.

The drive itself feels comfortable and capable enough for typical daily driving. It has enough get up and go to feel like you can work your way through bustling traffic, and the suspension feels well-balanced and responsive, if a little stiff at times.

The Trunk Space In The Kia Niro Isn'T Huge, But It Was More Than Enough For All Our Luggage.

The trunk space in the Kia Niro isn’t huge, but it was more than enough for all our luggage. Photo: Liv Leigh

50 Miles of Hybrid Range Efficiency Will Make You Smile

The Niro is such a great all-rounder, but it might be that sweet hybrid range that will have you smiling the most. 50-ish mpg feels really good, and that might be perfect for you unless you’re like me and you’ve driven electric vehicles. It can be a bit weird to switch from electric to hybrid and to experience the engine coming on at random times. The plug-in hybrid option, however, would let you have some pure electric miles, so that could be the perfect middle ground.

The multimedia system is snappy and responsive. A wireless charging pad waits for your phone but wired Apple CarPlay or Android Auto expand upon the plentiful digital options. The backup camera is clear and helpful, though I wish there were an option for a 360 camera.

The 2023 Aesthetic Refresh Brings A Sophisticated Edge To The Kia Niro. Photo: Liv Leigh

The 2023 aesthetic refresh brings a sophisticated edge to the Niro. Photo: Liv Leigh

No Matter the Model, the Kia Niro Hybrid Keeps You Safe

Regardless of mode or trim, the Niro comes standard with a host of safety features, including auto emergency braking technology with pedestrian detection, blind spot detection technology, rear cross-traffic warning and avoidance technology, safe exit assist, lane keeping and lane following assist, driver attention warning, leading vehicle departure alert, high beam assist with a plethora of other options available that can also be found in their Kia EV6. The ADAS system makes highway driving a breeze.

All in all, the 2023 Kia Niro SX Touring Hybrid brings you hybrid efficiency without the fuss in an affordable SUV package that covers pretty much all bases.

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