The Fashions Of Pebble Beach: What – And What Not– to Wear

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Yes, the cars are great – but check out the clothes, too.

Since 1950, Concours D’Elegance has been wowing audiences with a jaw-dropping collection of the most rare and beautifully restored cars in the world. Set on the 19th hole of the Pebble Beach Golf Links in Carmel, CA, the event literally translates to a “competition of elegance.” And that is often evident in the clothes worn by those exhibiting as well as in attendance– the $350 admission tends to keeps out a lot of sweatpants. However, money doesn’t always buy taste and this is America, so anything’s possible. As evident in this “What They Wore” perspective of an amazing auto show.

Needless to say, the cars are insane. I’ll tell you more about that later. Right now, it’s all about the humans. More specifically, what these people wore to the show. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect, I mean, what does one wear to view the world’s most expensive cars?  I’ve been to plenty a yacht club and garden party in my day (I’m from CT, it’s my birthright), so I wasn’t quite sure. I did know, however, it probably wasn’t this:

Pebble Beach

Not everyone got the fashion gene. Credit: Moorhead Mama for AGirlsGuidetoCars

It would make me ecstatic to find that these ladies owned half the field. She’s like ‘Hey, I can wear my Nikes with a skirt, because my Rolls Royce is worth more than your house!’ Fair enough, lady. Carry on.

Most men chose to wear something that echoed the judge’s uniform of khakis, blue blazer and straw hat as evidenced by these Stanford students:

Pebble Beach

Snappy Stanford students study a classic. Credit: Motorhead Mama

That kid in the right hand corner is asking his professor “Should I spend $250k on my education or a Ferrari?” We both know which one Mama’d vote for..

Women, on the other hand, generally dressed in elegantly understated dresses with beautiful hats:

Pebble Beach

Somebody got the elegance memo. Credit: Motorhead Mama

Pebble Beach

Great style AND in great shape. Credit: Motorhead Mama

Beautiful. Who’s her pilates instructor? Damn. Anyway, what these ladies understood is that Pebble isn’t a place to show off or be checked out, because unless your lady business is hiding under the hood of a ’35 Duesenberg, nobody really gives a flying carpet. Sadly, this woman didn’t get the memo:

Pebble Beach

Trying to overshadow the cars. Credit: Motorhead Mama

Another exception is the red Ferrari mama who couldn’t take 3 steps without posing with her dog:

Pebble Beach

Luigi and his mom like Ferraris. Credit: Motorhead Mama

She looks great. Although Luigi does not look happy. He’s like, “Get me out of this plastic Ferrari! Please put me back in your purse.”

In other fabulously dressed Ferrari news, my friend Matteo knows how to rock a yellow shirt like nobody’s business:

Pebble Beach

Even kids got in on the action. Credit: Motorhead Mama

But the winner of Best Outfit In Show goes to this lady who wore a hat made of newspaper and duct tape styled by her 8 year old grandson:

Pebble Beach

Best in show: homemade fashion. Credit: Motorhead Mama

She puts those stiletto-sporting, two bit hussies to shame. Maybe her grandson can help these two next year:

Pebble Beach

In need of a fashion intervention. Credit: Motorhead Mama

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