High Museum of Art Features Dream Cars

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Dream cars are like fashion designers on metal steroids.

You know the names, Bugatti, Porsche, BMW, Ferrari.  These are dream cars; one-of-a-kind concept cars that push the envelope of design and performance. They’re parked at the High Museum of Art through Sept. 7 as part of the exhibit Dream Cars, Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas.  This is the second time Atlanta’s art museum has featured cars. The first exhibit Allure of the Automobile, featured custom designed cars.

 Are cars really art?

At first blush it may seem an unusual venue for cars, but that’s why I like it. Art is all around you. The Dream Cars exhibit is about imagining, designing, and then creating the impossible.

According to Ken Gross, consulting curator for the exhibit,  “Designers of these cars weren’t limited by practical considerations. There were no restrictions. They weren’t building a car that was going on sale, they were building a car to thrill people.”

My Favorite Car: BMW Gina Light Visionary Model

The BMW Gina Light Visionary Model is my favorite. It’s a stylish convertible that’s a conversation starter; in fact, since I saw the exhibit, I can’t stop talking about it, and I’m not really a car person. The car is actually wrapped in a fabric that is similar to a thick Speedo swimsuit. Not feeling silver today? Have it changed to another color. The interior automatically responds to each individual driver. Every element: seat, steering wheel, and console all shift into place when you sit in the car, making it not only comfortable, but quite safe as well.

Kids Audio Tours

To engage the kids, consider the kid’s audio tour. It can be purchased at the museum or downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. The tour helps kids to stretch their imaginations. They’ll follow Jason and Dot through the exhibit and have the cars talk to them, all while contemplating their own car design.

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