The Rolls Royce Spectre Electric Car Redefines Quiet Luxury

Silent but powerful. Luxurious more than obvious. Details that indicate pedigree and features that delight: that is the quiet luxury of the electric Rolls Royce Spectre.

In The Driver’s Seat Of The Spectre. Photo_ Jana Askeland
In the driver’s seat of the Spectre. Photo_ Jana Askeland

And proves that luxury can be demure and over the top at the same time.

If your style is more understated Brunello Cucinelli cashmere than flashy Gucci logos, if your perfect weekend getaway is a hilltop compound instead of a club-scene resort, the Rolls Royce Spectre may be your perfect car. Its magic is the ability to make a stealth entrance in an ultra luxurious car

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Preproduction Spectre. Photo_ Jana Askeland

The Preproduction Rolls Royce Spectre. Photo: Jana Askeland

No Lack of Rolls Royce Goodies

In an era when the effortless chic of quiet luxury defines achievement, the Spectre is quite possibly the most anticipated Rolls-Royce ever. Built on the Phantom platform, this 4-seater coupe is all electric.

You’ll find everything you expect from the ultra-luxe brand favored by royalty and the super rich. It was designed to drive and feel like a Rolls first and an electric car second. Rolls-Royce replaced the traditional V12 engine they’re known for with a 100% electric drivetrain. For those who miss the sound of the V12, there’s a button that will allow you to create a synthetic version. I prefer the peace and quiet of the electric motor inside this luxe cabin. Because let’s face it, quiet time is precious.

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The View From The Rear Seat Rolls Royce Spectre

The view from the rear seat Rolls Royce Spectre

This Car Leads with (Electric) Power

It’s important to note that Specter isn’t a performance car even though it generates 577 horsepower. It’s power is in the driving experience. It’s big and it’s heavy, weighing in at 700 lbs. more than a Ford Expedition – topping the scales at 6300 pounds. All this metal is moved by two electric motors – one in the front and another in the rear.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t drive this pre-production vehicle, but that didn’t stop my heart from racing when I slid into the driver’s seat. My first thought was, this is the most luxurious car I’ve ever been in! My second thought was, I hope I don’t mess it up!

It didn’t take long for me to get comfortable among the hand-carved wood and supple leather. I closed the door and found myself inside a vacuum-like sound chamber. I could hear nothing of the event going on outside my closed doors. I slid off my heels and wiggled my toes into the softest lambswool floor coverings I’ve ever felt. Actually, they’re the ONLY lambswool floor coverings I’ve ever felt. A far cry from my car with the all-weather mats coated in dirt and crushed goldfish.

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In The Backseat Of The Rolls-Royce Spectre. Photo_ Jana Askeland

In the backseat of the Rolls-Royce Spectre is spacious, despite this being a 2-door car. Photo: Jana Askeland

Surprises that Delight

Beyond the normal luxury inclusions such as a built in champagne cooler, bespoke leather upholstery or buttons that open and close the doors, there are two fun features that are iconic to the brand and quite delightful.

The first is hidden golf umbrellas in each door frame. Luxurious and practical, the chamber that holds the umbrellas has a moisture sensor. If you store your umbrella wet, fans will come on and dry it for you. Because who wants moldy umbrella essence in their magic carpet ride?

The second thing that made me squeal with delight was the iconic shooting star headliner. Like a spray of diamonds on velvet, this feature offered ambient lighting with controls in the front passenger area to allow you to adjust the brightness of the stars for the perfect atmosphere on any occasion!  

Shooting Star Headliner

The Shooting Star headliner in the Rolls Royce Spectre. Photo: Jana Askeland

All This for the Mere Price of a House … Or Two

The Rolls-Royce Spectre is everything you expect from this auto maker, and with all of the cutting edge tech you expect from a luxury electric car. It’s fully customizable, as Rolls Royce cars are, and it should be with such I hefty price tag. Starting MSRP is $422,000.  

So if you’re the type who wants to make a quiet but powerful statement both in and out of her vehicle, the Rolls-Royce Spectre may be the thing. Just make sure the custom leather palette you chose compliments your Cucinello driving loafers.

The Rolls Royce Specter Interior

The rear-opening doors in the Rolls Royce Specter actually make it easier to get into the rear seat. Photo: Jana Askeland

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