Best Movies to Watch on a Road Trip

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Road trips are a great way to make travel memories. 

They can be pretty epic, if planned well. Especially if it’s a family road trip. Simply because that means you’ll have passengers to keep entertained. My daughter and I are film buffs so naturally, we plan out all the movies we’ll be watching on the road – in the car, at a roadside hotel and on those occasional rainy nights that keep you inside.

Pack a movie night kit, or better, order it ahead and have it delivered to your rental house or hotel. That way, you’re well prepared to settle in for a fun evening of movies with your crew. And consider bringing along a mini projector that works with a smart phone, indoors or out. These are a great way to ensure everyone gets a good seat.

Here are some of the best road trip movies we’ve loved over and over again, along with where to stream them; if you don’t have a subscription to the streaming service where a movie is available, most can be purchased or rented on the go from Amazon.

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For a good belly laugh…

The best movies to watch on a road trip have to be comedies. They’re entertaining and just enjoyable. Plus, they make the time pass more quickly. Here are a few favorites.


Mr. Bean’s Holiday 

This comedy film stars comedian/actor, Mr. Bean who wins a trip to Cannes. He accidentally separates a young boy from his dad and and has to help the boy find him again. On the way he has many comical adventures, visits France, goes cycling, sight seeing and much more. It’s a vacation to remember!

Catch it on Netflix

College Road Trip

Martin Lawerence and Raven-Symone star in this comedy film. Raven plays an intelligent high school student who is set to find her dream college. In the process, she decides to travel around the country to visit and her overprotective dad comes along. He pretends to give her space and freedom but end up spying and getting caught each time (in the most comical ways).

Catch College Road Trip on Disney+

Freaky Friday 

All moms and daughters must watch this film at least once. Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan star in this switch up adventure. Playing a mom and daughter, the two bump heads often and end up in each other’s bodies. Along the way, they learn a lot about each other. There are lots of good laughs and a little tug at the heart strings in this one.

Watch it on Disney+

For a good cry…

Depending on the mood of your road trip, nice emotional, sappy movies may do it for you. Let’s say you’re on a girls trip after a break up or maybe you just need a good cry. Whatever the reason, these are sure to make you shed a tear or two.


My Girl

A little girl (Anna Chlumsky) navigates life in a funeral home with her father who is raising her on his own. She’s troubled but gets by with the help of her best friend (Maccaulay Culkin). This one is sure to make you both laugh and cry.

Watch My Girl on Hulu

A Walk to Remember

Any novel written by Nicholas Sparks is likely to tug at your emotions. This novel turned film does just that. It’s a story about two teenagers (played by Mandy Moore and Shayne West) who meet after Landon (West) gets into trouble and has to perform community service. The two grow close but something serious eventually breaks them apart. Tip: Have the Kleenex handy! 

Watch it on Netflix

We love rom-coms and we cannot lie. 

What better way to pass time than with romantic comedy movies? My daughter and I love these cheesy movies on the road, on a rainy day or just for kicks. Here are some favorites.


You’ve Got Mail

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star in this adorable romantic comedy. Kathleen Kelly (played by Meg Ryan), a small bookstore owner is being bought out by Fox books. Little does she know that the man she chats with online (and is falling for) is Joe Fox (played by Tom Hanks). If you’re familiar with the city, love to read (and write), you’ll appreciate the setting of the movie. It’s just perfect.

Watch it on Hulu

Crazy Rich Asians

You will fall in love with this film. Not only is it sort of like a Cinderella story but it’s shot so beautifully. It’s based on a best selling novel that tells the story of  Rachel Chu (played by Constance Wu), a native New Yorker who travels to Singapore to meet her boyfriend’s family. She has no idea what his family is like and learns a lot along the way. It’s a humorous, heartfelt story about friendship, love, marriage, and you guessed it- money.

Watch it on Netflix

While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock is a queen of rom-coms and we love all of her movies. But While You Were Sleeping is a favorite. This is a story about a Chicago Transit Authority token collector who saves a man from an accident at the train station. She’s then mistaken for his fiancée and stays by his side while he is in a coma. But when he wakes up, then fun begins.

Stream it on Hulu

If we’re in the mood for action and adventure…

Here are a few titles to add to your movie que. If you haven’t seen them yet, these are a must!


Back to the Future

Who doesn’t love these movies? If you have the time to, watch them all! They are so much fun to watch. Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), a teenager, travels 30 years into the past in a time-traveling DeLorean invented by his mad scientist friend, Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd).

Stream it on Netflix

Around the World in 80 Days

The one with Jackie Chan. This is an adventure, action comedy film that tells the story of a British inventor, along with his Chinese valet and French artist friend who take a daring a trip around the world in eighty days. This very humorous film will have you giggling all the way to your destination.

Stream it on Disney+


Our favorite funny princess movies must get an honorable mention.

The Princess Diaries 

A normal teen (Anne Hathaway) discovers she’s part royalty and has to learn to be a princess. It’s a comical ugly duckling turns swan type of story. Never gets old.

Watch it on Disney+

Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted is another Anne Hathaway goodie! This time she plays a princess who gets an awful gift from a godmother: obedience. Once she turns into a teen, she has the chance to break the spell. It’s a fun story about being yourself, friendship and love.

Stream it on Hulu


Princess Giselle (Amy Adams) has to be Disney’s goofiest princess. In this film, we get a bit of animation that turns into real life once Giselle crosses into the mean streets of Manhattan. Luckily, she’s rescued by a dreamy real life prince (well, not technically-he’s a single dad played by Patrick Dempsey) and able to find her way. Enchanted is filled with comedy, adventure, and true love.

Watch it on Disney+


If you’ve got hours to spare, Star Wars and Marvel have plenty of movies to watch.

And they’re all on Disney+ and most are available for rent or purchase on Amazon, so be sure to download them before you hit the road. Happy road tripping!

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