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Kia Seltos Natalie Merola A Girls Guide To Cars Feature-1
?: Elias Garcia
March 21, 2022
2021 Kia Seltos SX Turbo AWD is one cool ride. With a gem-cut grille, lots of cargo space, and all…
Nissan Sentra Sr Turbo
August 18, 2021
Think a sedan has to be boring? Not this baby: The Nissan Sentra SR Turbo adds oomph to your commute…
Mazda Cx-30 Turbo
February 9, 2021
The magic is in the torque: The added power and oomph in the Mazda CX-30 Turbo, a tech filled, luxe…
Mazda 3 Turbo
November 20, 2020
This is a torque story. The kind that blows your hair back, that makes you giggle. And you choose how…
Mazda 3 Turbo
July 8, 2020
We love the Mazda 3 for its elegant World Car Award-winning design, elegant interior details and now, Mazda 3 Turbo…
A Girls Guide To Cars | 2016 Hyundai Veloster Rally Edition: Three Doors, Four Seats And Tons Of Fun - 2016 Hyundai Veloster Feature Image
May 17, 2016
This suburban mom spends a few days with the cute 2016 Hyundai Veloster Rally Edition. She gets it, even if…
2016 Lexus Lx 570
The redesigned Lexus LX 570 8 passenger luxury SUV has even better off road capability—if you dare take it out in the wild
August 19, 2015
Lexus recently revealed two new models that will roll into dealerships this fall: the LX570 4WD SUV and the GS…
Lexus Nx200T
The front end of the Lexus NX200t
August 17, 2015
Five things you'll love about the Lexus NX200t: cutting edge design, AWD crossover, comfy seating, fun to drive manual option…