Just a Little More Fancy: The Lexus LX570 Got a Makeover

2016 Lexus Lx 570
The redesigned Lexus LX 570 8 passenger luxury SUV has even better off road capability—if you dare take it out in the wild

Would you go off-roading in your favorite designer duds?

At a party that Lexus recently staged to reveal the updated and redesigned LX 570 and GS 200t, the discussion focused on whether or not customers would take the LX 570 8-passenger SUV off road. Some—mostly the men— said yes; others—mostly the women— said no.

Lexus Lx 570

The arm rest on the center console pushes back to reveal the four wheel drive controls on the center console; the wrist rest to the right of the gear shift lets you rest your arm when using the remote touch mouse-style controller to command the infotainment system

But it could. Built for traversing rocks, hills, sand and water, the LX 570 raises the heart rate of people who are thrilled with the idea of being challenged by terrain, weather and adventure.

Lexus Lx 570

Center row connectivity has headphone jacks, HDMI plug and a household plug on the back of the center console; the fold down arm rest (pictured here) has climate control, heated and cooled seat controls, remote storage, headphone storage and two USB ports.

But filled with pampering luxuries like a dual screen entertainment system that features 11-inch screens embedded in the back of the front seat head rests, heated and cooled seats in the front and center rows and a ‘climate concierge’ that strives to keep everyone comfortable, would you ever think of risking such a nice car by taking it on an adventure course or through the wilds of unmapped turf?

Lexus Lx 570

The rear gate of the LX570: New tail lights and refined lines frame some favorite functions, including the clamshell tail gate design

While most owners don’t take their SUVs off road, drivers appreciate the abilities that an off-road capable SUV offers: confidence in snow, ice, minor floods and rutted roads or paths that can be impassable in a two wheel drive sedan. The LX also boasts a heavy-duty V8 engine that allows towing of up to 6,000 pounds and an adaptive ‘self-leveling’ suspension system that adjusts based on the terrain, passenger and cargo load.

Still a workhorse, despite all the pampering

Lexus Lx 570

More luxury features: adaptive high beam lights, headlight wipers, head up display (HUD) and second row auto fold, which folds the second row seats forward so third row passengers can get in and out

In planning the upgrades to the LX570, Lexus looked at what families and drivers like most in their luxury workhorses: continued capability on the road and even more comforts and amenities such as:

  • a wireless Qi phone charging pad
  • an improved ‘remote touch’ mouse-type controller that operates the infotainment and other systems
  • a SmartAccess card key so slim it can fit in your wallet
  • Siri eyes free iPhone function
  • adaptive high bevy headlights
  • adaptive cruise control
  • heads up display
  • intuitive park assist that can help you to find a space and park the LX570—a truly helpful feature in such a large car
Lexus Lx 570

The clamshell lift gate opens in two parts—a lower part opens to provide a shelf good for sitting, stacking stuff or changing babies; the upper part lifts up to provide shelter from sun or rain. The third row seats lift up and stow against the side of the cargo space (rather than folding into the floor).

Sticking to the clamshell hatch and keeping customers happy

Also, for the 2016 model year redesign, Lexus stuck to its fold down third row seating configuration—two seats fold down from the sides of the cargo area— and the clamshell lift gate. This is a particular favorite feature of many customers; the clamshell function divides the lift gate into two components; the bottom portion drops down when opened and the top part lifts up. This is particularly great for tailgating, changing diapers, dressing toddlers and digging through cargo for a particular item; the fold-down part of the gate becomes a shelf you can sit on, stack stuff on or change a diaper without having to unload the cargo area.

Lexus Lx 570

Center row seats fold flat and flip forward to allow passengers into the third row. With the third row seats folded up and the second row folded forward, a completely flat cargo areas is created. All seats are push button fold down.

Lexus shaved about $500 off the price of the current 2015 model, which is priced fully loaded at about $86,000.

Lexus Lx 570

Buttons in the cargo area can be pushed to fold down the rear seats

Disclosure: Lexus provided my transportation and accommodations at the LX and GS reveal event; all opinions expressed here are my own.

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