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Leasing Vs Buying A Car
Photo: Pixabay
July 22, 2023
Leasing vs. Buying- We lay out our 7 favorite reasons why families might be better off leasing a car—and our…
Natalie Merola Hyundai Venue Feature Image
?: Elias Garcia
January 5, 2023
First drivers, new car owners, young families, empty nesters – this is a great car for all of you. We…
Keep Your Teen Safe Behind The Wheel
May 21, 2022
Teens give us enough to worry about without adding driving to the mix. But with these 8 car safety features,…
A Girls Guide To Cars | Used: 2016 Chevrolet Malibu: A Drive Through Portland, Oregon In Comfort And Style - St Johns Park Malibu E1460774006549
St. John's Bridge Park Photo: Angela Tiffin
March 16, 2022
When you're going from New York to Portland, Oregon, you need to go green. There 's no better way than…
Teen Drivers
March 1, 2022
Teen drivers can be bossy, infuriating and surprising. Here's what 9 moms learned when their kids started driving (including that…
Safe Driving Tips For Teenagers
August 24, 2021
Help keep your teens safe by creating ground rules and expectations. Here are a few tips that all teens need…
A Girls Guide To Cars | Teen Drivers: What You Should Know When The Car Breaks Down - Teen Drivers
August 14, 2021
We tell our teens not to text and drive, speed,  or drink and drive. But have you told your teen…
Teen Driver App
November 10, 2020
Yes, they need their freedom. And yes, you can make sure they are safe. 3 of our favorite free apps…
The Yaris Boasts Toyota'S Safety And Quality In A Comfortable, Compact, Affordable Vehicle.
The Yaris boasts Toyota's safety and quality in a comfortable, compact, affordable vehicle. Photo: Shannon Entin
November 18, 2016
The Toyota Yaris is a compact, budget-conscious option for those who don't need a ton of space, like a teen,…
1977 Jeep Cherokee Chief
1977 Jeep Cherokee Chief, Photo credit: fortfan, Flickr
May 11, 2016
Do you remember your first car? What it meant? How it felt to have the keys in your hand? Fadra…