So You Think Your Phone is Connected? Wait Till You See What Your Car Can Do

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When was the last time you looked at your phone?

Probably within the last couple of minutes, right? You might even be looking at it now as you read this article. Our phones have become such a huge piece of our lives because they are a multi-function tool. Our phones now allow us to see what our friends are doing, check our calendar, surf the web, and even (gasp) make a phone call.

For those of us who use our cell phone to the peak of its abilities, the horizon of automotive technology is a step in the right direction. As our phones have become more entwined within our daily lives, Harman has been working on ways to use that connectivity to improve our driving experience instead of deterring from it.

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Ambient Lighting Around Harman Sound

Ambient lighting around Harman sound. Photo: Mary Moore 

Be Connected Like Never Before With A Connected Car

We all know that using our phones while driving is unsafe. Seriously, just don’t do it! But we also know that most of the information we need to run our day is stored on our phones – such as our appointments calendar, music apps, direction apps, and social life. So, what if these two were seamlessly connected? How would that work?

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with the techs at Harman where they introduced me to their latest and upcoming new car audio and technology designs. I’m excited to tell you that much of their new tech is centered around the fusion of these two and it’s done in a way that keeps the driver focused on the road.

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New Harman Technology To Help Alert Tired Or Stressed Drivers.

Are you tired? Photo by Mary Moore for A Girls Guide to Cars.

Welcome to Your New Driving Experience

One of the ways they are working to do this is by creating a way for the car to pair with the drivers’ phone upon entry into the vehicle. Imagine, sitting down in the driver’s seat and having your car welcome you by name.

Good morning, Mary.

Next, your car will remind you of all the appointments you have that day. It may even bring up a map to guide you to your next appointment location automatically.

Maybe you’re headed to the gym. Your car begins to play a few beats to pump you up and get you in the mood to give it your all. Are you feeling it?

Now imagine that something goes wrong and the check engine light pops on? Nope, you still don’t need to pick up the phone, simply use the built-in voice command apps to schedule an appointment with the nearest dealership. With the new driver experience being created by Harman, personal assistant apps are integrated into the command center making it easier to navigate through life without risking your own.

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Harman Interactive Command Center With Personal Assistant Apps.

Harman connected command center. Photo by Mary Moore for A Girls Guide to Cars.

Going Past What We Already Know to Further Enhance Connectivity

Creating a seam between our phones and vehicle is one thing, but what about taking it one step further? During my visit with Harman, I was introduced to some super new technologies that had me floored.

For instance, what if your vehicle could tell when you are stressed or sleepy and then used mood-enhancing elements like sound and vehicle atmosphere to help soothe you?

Stress Assistance Console

Are you feeling stressed? Photo by Mary Moore for A Girls Guide to Cars

Think about it.  You’re finally headed home from work and it’s been a tough day, wouldn’t it be nice if your vehicle knew to play your deep relaxation playlist automatically? By syncing your music apps, calendar, and vehicle, your vehicle could be personalized to your schedule and ready to enhance your drive seamlessly.

And furthermore, when autonomous driving becomes the norm, this technology could lead to your vehicle being able to take over for you when these stressed or anxious moods are detected. Then all that’s left for you to do is recline, listen to your favorite song, and watch fish swim around the LED moonroof.

Led Moonroof With Fish Images

LED Moonroof by Harman. Photo by Mary Moore for A Girls Guide to Cars

Seriously, is this a vacation or a trip home from work?

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