Gotta Get Away? Safe Road Trips You Can Take Right Now

Taking Safe Road Trip Now
Image by Ivaylo Ivanov from Pixabay

The car is one place we feel safe

Traveling in our own vehicle makes us feel safe. We own everything inside and we have the choice of who travels with us and where we go. All that’s left is figuring out safe places to travel during these times. My, how the pandemic has changed how we travel.

When looking for places to go to, plan ahead to make sure everything is opened and safe. The last thing you want to do is to get somewhere only to have to turn around and go back home because it wasn’t fully functioning or half of what they offer is closed. Or, it’s not safe.

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Camping Is A Safe Road Trip

Camping at a campsite is a safe road trip to take. ? Kim Croisant

Expand Your Safe Space with Outdoor Camping 

Sleeping under the stars is a sure way to relieve stress – and it’s safe. No matter where you live in the world, camping is one activity we can all do that is safe. Whether you tent camp, cabin camp, or take an RV, you’re away from others, a proven way to keep your family safe. Just stick with your own group and soak in the relaxation.

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Safe Road Trips To Take

Get out and Hike – it’s safe! ? Kim Croisant

Take a Hike …In a State Park

Getting out in nature does a body good and state parks have done a good job to keep families safe. They’ve been doing that for years, in fact, keeping our parks clean, healthy, and uncrowded. Hiking in state parks alone or with the family also makes a wonderful road trip, for the day or for longer. Some parks allow overnight camping, so be sure to check into this if camping is also on your road trip list.

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Taking a Road Trip To Visit Family Can Be Safe, too

As long as you’re not going to large family reunions right now, a visit to grandma’s should be safe. I don’t think I could go very long without seeing my mother. She’s alone and needs company. Take precautions, though. If your family has had limited contact with others and so has the family you’re visiting, you’re merging fairly safe bubbles. Still, put an emphasis on social distancing, visiting outdoors, hand washing, and masks. For meals consider disposable plates and cups, and easy self-serve dishes that don’t require shared serving utensils. Use those elbow bumps to say hello. And if you’re visiting people who are especially vulnerable, get tested before you visit.  Then, get your car road trip ready and visit your mother!

Hotels Are As Safe As They Can Be

Hotels that I have stayed in for the past three months have taken full precautions to avoid sickness. I’m happy with my stay at our local Marriott. I would suggest calling or visiting a hotel first to make sure they are up to your standards. Especially if a hotel is close by, give them a visit, then book your room. Look for things like enhanced cleaning protocols before arrival, no daily maid service, limited restaurant offerings, grab-and-go food options, and signage that tells how they are cleaning the property. This could be a short road trip to surprise the family. Staying in a hotel to get away from it all doesn’t have to be far…but, it’s still a road trip to get out and enjoy some fun!

Beaches Are Safe Road Trips

My son enjoying playing in Galveston Beach. ? Kim Croisant

Spend a Day at the Beach

Beaches are open and are safe. When there, practice six-foot distancing from others when you lay out your towels. Dip your feet in the water or go for a swim. Beaches need and want our visits. Beach season is winding down in many places, and with so many people heading to the mountains for leaf-peeping, this might be the best time to head to the beach for crowd-free fun and relaxation.

It’s been a tough pandemic season. We’re all tired of staying inside and hanging around our own yards. But taking road trips can be very safe, so go and have fun.

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