These Days are Stressing Me Out. But Here are 5 Ways to De-stress and Feel Happier in the Car

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When someone tells you to take it easy, it probably makes you want to scream.

How can anyone take it easy these days? Do we live on the same planet? The truth is everyone take things differently. Some are in denial, some refuse to only focus on fear and some are very worried, sad or angry. Not every human processes things in the same way. For this reason, you may not be feeling at ease lately. You may even be stressed out. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are 5 ways to help you de-stress and have a more pleasant drive. You know, so you can… feel happier. At least for a little while.



Listen to an Upbeat Podcast

There are lots of great uplifting podcasts out there you can listen to in the car. Choose uplifting podcasts that will make you laugh, feel empowered or inspired- or teach you something new. A few of our staff members love listening to The Happiness Lab hosted by Yale professor Dr Laurie Santos. Can a simple podcast in the car really change your way of thinking and feeling? Yes, totally possible!

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Just Breathe

Take a deep breath (or a few). Breathing and meditation are proven to improve a person’s mood and allow them to think more clearly (and calmly). You can do this with a podcast in the car, simply taking deep slow breaths or even try a different method like the Wim Hof technique (it really works!).  Or if you prefer an app, try the Calm app  for increasing your calm, meditating and better sleep. Sometimes we’re so overworked and stressed out that we forget the simplest things – like breathing.



Try Aromatherapy to De-stress

Ahhhh…aromatherapy. It really works wonders. Aromatherapy benefits include: stress relief, pain management, eases anxiety, headaches, and more. It’s also known to improve quality of life. While Lavender is great to de-stress, it also can make you sleepy so it’s probably not the best for a driver. However, there are other great scents that help, too. Rose, Bergamot, Orange, Lemongrass, and Peppermint, for example are great choices. Aromatherapy car diffusers are great for this.

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Bring Your Furry Friend Along

This is a no brainer- if you’re lucky enough to have a furry friend, bring him or her along for the ride. There are lots of  health benefits of having a dog. They keep us active and serve as great companions (which helps combat things like depression). And some dogs love car rides. Taking your furry friend out for a ride once in a while can help you de-stress. So put on some happy tunes, buckle up and take a ride.



Listen to Music that Makes You Feel Good

Music influences our moods so this is a no brainer. Most people admit to feeling de-stressed after taking a ride in the car while listening to their favorite tunes. Whether it’s Opera or Heavy Metal or Gangster Rap- pump it up and get ready to de-stress.

Here’s a playlist that makes us feel really great behind the wheel.

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