FabFitFun Box, Netflix, Spotify, Luxury Car … Subscription? Yes!

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Drive a new car every week? Tell me more!

It’s no secret that subscriptions are hot right now. From TV streaming services, quarterly FabFitFun subscriptions, fashion, shoes, beauty products, they’re all available by subscription now … so why not cars? I’ll take it.

If you don’t want to commit to one car, you don’t have to. If you want an SUV one week and a sports car to get to work next week, you can.

The luxury car subscription I recently tried here in Vancouver is Portfolio by OpenRoad, with a total of 19 luxury cars and one pickup truck in their fleet including only top of the line brands like BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Genesis, Land Rover, and Jaguar.

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Take a Break When You Need to

For some folks, travel that takes you out of town for weeks at a time is the norm, and this service lets you put a hold on the service at any time. You can even drop off your current car at the airport valet here in Vancouver as you head out of town.

How Does It Work?

All of the flexibility begins with an app and the ability to ‘flip’ your car up to 4 times per month on the top tier plan which is CAD $2499 per month (with a $999 activation fee). The top tier also gets you into the premium fleet including every vehicle Portfolio offers.

For the Gold tier, you get access to a slightly smaller fleet for $1499 per month and 2 flips per month.


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There is one more difference between the two tiers that you’ll want to consider – mileage. With the top Platinum tier, you get up to 2500 kilometers (that’s about 1550 miles) per month, with the Gold, you get only 2000 KM. Whether that matters to you or not will impact your decision on which tier to choose.

All tiers include regular maintenance, insurance coverage, and concierge pickup/drop-off service.

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Are There More Services Like This?

Yes, some brands are offering more flexibility with services similar, like Porsche, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz Collection is available in Philadelphia and Nashville, and has an activation fee of US $495 and has three tiers to choose from starting at $998 going up to $2699 and includes different models of Mercedes at each tier. It also includes concierge, unlimited mileage, insurance, service + maintenance

Porsche Passport is available in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, and Toronto, Canada.

The cheapest version of the plan, which is a flat monthly fee of $2,100, gives members access to eight model variants. A more expensive $3,100 plan includes another 12 higher-performing variants. Passport requires an activation fee of $595, and membership approval is dependent on a background and credit check.

Care by Volvo is more like a short-term lease offering since it’s a two-year commitment allowing you to ‘flip’ into a new Volvo after 12 months, but is more widely available – it appears to be available anywhere in Canada and the US according to their website. This service even includes winter tire service, insurance, and maintenance and costs from CAD $999 and up depending on your starting car choice.

Access by BMW in Nashville offers a few tiers of service which include different luxury to ultra-luxury and performance BMWs for USD $998 per month all the way up to $2699 with a $575 activation fee. Access by BMW also offers insurance, maintenance, and concierge delivery service.


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Audi Select is available in Dallas-Fort Worth and offers two tiers depending on which vehicles are included. The Core collection is USD $995 per month and the Premier collection is CA $1495. Audi Select also includes insurance, maintenance, and concierge with up to 2 car flips, or swaps, per month. You also get 2 car rentals in select cities in your membership.

With the flexibility and luxury, would you consider a luxury car subscription service?

*I was provided with the Portfolio by OpenRoad service for one month to provide feedback.

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