Planning Your Easter Jeep Safari Adventure

Easter Jeep Safari time is upon us, and lots of people will be flocking to the rocks in Moab for extreme fun. Here are some tips to make your off-roading adventure a safe success.

Easter Jeep Safari.
You will encounter all the obstacles on a Jeep Safari. Photo: Tabatha Chovanetz

Is it Spring Yet? The Easter Jeep Safari in Moab is Calling

Towards the end of March, adrenaline junkies and thrill-seeking off-roaders will hit the rocky terrain of Moab, Utah, for the annual event known as the Easter Jeep Safari. My dad and brother are a couple of those thrill seekers.

For as long as I can remember, the two of them have been missing in action the week prior to Easter. It’s obviously a fun-filled week as they both come home telling the tales of the trails. My dad mentions the camaraderie of Jeep owners from all over the country, and instantly, you realize there’s something special shared among those who have passed through Hell’s Gate.

At its founding, the Moab Chamber of Commerce organized a single-day adventure where participants would navigate the “Behind the Rocks Trail” in 1967.

In the early 1980s, the event changed hands and was placed in the care of the Red Rock 4-Wheelers organization. Last year, approximately 20,000 Jeep enthusiasts were in attendance, an astounding comeback since the Safari was canceled in 2020.

Now that it is back, it’s the perfect time to share some ways to make your off-road Easter adventure a smooth one.

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Easter Jeep Safari

Traverse all the trails at the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab. Photo: Tabatha Chovanetz

Easter Jeep Safari Trail Rules

There are plenty of trails to explore, suitable for both inexperienced and veteran drivers. Each route is rated on a 1-10 numerical scale (1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest).  Depending on which trail you take, mandatory vehicle guidelines (regarding things like tire inches and traction devices) have been set and must be followed at all times.

Upon arrival, participants will be instructed to remain in compliance with the Bureau of Land Management’s (or the BLM) rules and guidelines. It is not recommended that you go off-roading alone, a basic rule of thumb for any 4×4 owner who attends such trips.

In such groups, spotters can direct you where to go to help ensure that each vehicle manages the more challenging obstacles safely and efficiently. In addition, traversing the rocky landscape with more than one Jeep ensures that at least one individual can go and retrieve help if an unfortunate circumstance occurs on the road.

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Easter Jeep Safari

Always plan to be safe while off-roading at the Easter Jeep Safari event. Photo: Tabatha Chovanetz

The Skinny on Safety at the Easter Jeep Safari

While safety should be your number one priority, I would like to tell you about the necessary equipment to bring on the 2024 Easter Jeep Safari.

Being prepared and bringing along the essential recovery gear will go a long way in helping you to recover from trail-related incidents. Most of these kits can be found on Amazon for a couple hundred dollars. However, plenty of small businesses sell them as well. The gear is often made up of a variety of tools, such as recovery straps, winches, gloves, and shackles, which are best equipped to help Jeeps traverse the rough environment.

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Easter Jeep Safari

Easter Jeep Safari drivers prioritize safety to prevent trail fails. Photo: Tabatha Chovanetz

Gear We Recommend

Everyone who off-roads will at some point have a ‘trail failure,’ which will result in a ‘trail repair.’ While being prepared helps, new parts can sometimes fail; mishaps in general can and will occur.

Ratchet straps will help with simple tasks or more sophisticated tasks like aligning springs or axles. A winch will help should you become stuck at any point. There are different types of shackles, but for off-roading purposes, you would want heavy-duty shackles.

In addition, an investment in a high-lift or off-road jack is a good idea. Using nearby rocks or small pry bars will only get you so far; a high-lift jack can usually be purchased for around a hundred dollars.

Portable air compressors for Jeeps can be found online and can be used in multiple ways, including tire inflation and powering tools.

Easter Jeep Safari

Make sure you are able to communicate with others if you get in a jam at Easter Jeep Safari. Photo: Tabatha Chovanetz

No Cell Service? No Problem

In addition to the equipment listed above, a sound communication system will be necessary for communicating with your group. It shouldn’t come as a shock to say that cell phone service is spotty and practically nonexistent on the Jeep Safari trails. While walkie-talkies and satellite phones may be used, your best bet will be a CB (Citizen Band) or VHF/UHF (Very High Frequency/Ultra High Frequency) radio system. The difference resides in CB radios being prone to more interference and having a smaller range with fewer obstacles while VHF/UHF radios typically have less interference but are subjected to obstructions limiting their communication range.

It should go without saying that bringing a good tool kit, spare parts, and extra fuel is vital for your off-roading journey. Durable tool kits can be found at your local AutoZone or O’Reilly’s; more options are sold online on Amazon and on many off-roading websites.

The recommended list for spare parts includes (but is not limited to): a spare tire, plug kit, u-joints, fuel filter, engine oil, gearbox oil, coolant, axle shaft, hose clamp, chain, driveshaft, valve stem and core, and spark plugs. Carrying an extra five to ten gallons of gas (or as much that can ensure your return to civilization) on the trails is often standard. If you get in a real pinch, there is always Clark’s Carquest Auto Parts in town; these guys know about Jeeps.

On the Red Rock 4-Wheelers website, it’s strongly advised that you carry water (a gallon per individual) and other non-alcoholic beverages, extra clothing, nutritious food, and blankets. If you find yourself stuck on the trails overnight, the weather in Moab often turns cooler once the sun sets. In other words, always be prepared for the unexpected and plan ahead for whatever path you’re taking on the Safari.

Easter Jeep Safari

ATVs are a no-no at Easter Jeep Safari. Photo: Tabatha Chovanetz

Max Out Your Easter Jeep Safari Safety

In addition to the recommended items listed above, you should also think about taking these:

  • In case of an emergency, take a fire extinguisher (like the H3R Performance MX100C, which is lightweight and portable).
  • A cooler is a great way to store snacks and drinks when you’re navigating the heat of Utah.
  • Speaking of heat, you should wear sunscreen on the trails for your face and body (use sunscreen labeled SPF 30 or more).
  • Due to sudden weather changes like temperature drops, extra layers of clothing (sweatshirts and hoodies) cover all your bases.
  • Lastly, carry a first aid kit. Accidents do happen, especially when off-roading.

With all that said in explaining what to bring with you on the Easter Jeep Safari, there are a few items that are not permitted: drones, ATVs, and UTVs. There is plenty of opportunity to test your skills on rides like these and check those communities out, too; just not here.

Moab is magical. It’s easy to see why Jeep lovers return year after year here. What started out as a yearly trek with my dad’s childhood friends has now turned into a group of more than a dozen jeeps in their group alone. So it’s not just about building connections in the Jeep community; it’s also about the bonding that takes place when friends can gather and make memories by doing something they all enjoy.

Registration for the event is open on the Red Rock 4-Wheelers website, located here.

You may or may not scrape a fender while attending this event, but with a little preparation, your Jeep will still be drivable for the return trip home. Have a fun off-roading experience; pack accordingly, stay safe, and let us know if you decide to take on the rocks in Utah this year!

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