People Love Their Jeeps So Much, I Had to Learn Why!

Adeina And Her Jeep. Photo: Adeina Anderson
Adeina and her Jeep. Photo: Adeina Anderson


Why I Love My Jeep

I love my Jeep! Photo: Adeina Anderson

It’s a Jeep Thing, they say. What does that even mean?

Lots of people love their cars. But what is this whole Jeep ownership thing about? I know why I love my Jeep. From the way it handles, the way it looks, and the way it makes me feel when I am driving it. I love that if I’m going the wrong way, my Jeep can fix that. With the turn of the wheel, and the hop of a curb, safely of course. I love that I can hit the road or hit the trail without worry. But I wanted to know why other people in the Jeep community love their Jeeps.

I have been a Jeep owner for almost 30 years. My first Jeep was a 1994 2-door Jeep Wrangler YJ. It had no air conditioning, the engine only had 4 cylinders, and it was a soft top. These Texas summers are hot, but I figured I could just take the top off if it got too hot. The Jeep drove like nothing else I’ve ever driven. It was rough and fun, and I was hooked from the first time I turned the key on. My 2014 Jeep Wrangler was my first 4 door Jeep Wrangler, and though I have owned a few Jeep Grand Cherokees, I have never looked back.  And now almost 30 years later, I am driving my 5th Jeep. It’s a 2022 4-door Jeep Wrangler with a hard top, V6 engine, and all the air conditioning you could ask for.

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Why I Love My Jeep

Stellantis Jeep Safari is a reason people love their Jeeps. Photo: Stellantis

The Jeep Community is Reason Number One

The Jeep community is one of the reasons why I love my Jeep. I asked the question, “Why do you love your Jeep” to a Jeep group I am part of on social media. After reading through the over 500 comments, I realized the number one reason we all love our Jeeps is because of the Jeep community. The comments from the Jeep community were amazing. It was hard to choose which comments I wanted to share. Community is so important when it comes to owning a Jeep. Some people said the community is their favorite thing about owning a Jeep. Knowing that you were instantly part of a community you didn’t know you needed. A Jeep Wave when you pass another Jeep owner and an occasional duck just because.

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Why I Love My Jeep

I love my Jeep! Photo: Kim Butts Drosche

I love my Jeep Because it’s a big Toy! And Other Reasons People Love their Jeeps

Fixing up your Jeep is all part of the fun. This is why this quote is so very true in the Jeep community. “I love my Jeep because she’s a Lego for adults, and I can build her uniquely for self-expression. She’s a conversation piece that gives the opportunity to love on others through prayer, positivity, or simply a sign to keep rockin’ on. She is Sublime.”

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Why I Love My Jeep

Gladiator Love. Photo: Lisa Marshall Boone

People love their Jeeps Because of the Freedom

This quote from Lisa was probably the one quote that was said by most of the Jeep community. For whatever reason, Jeeps give us freedom. “It’s the FREEDOM, baby! No better way to change your attitude, than to change your latitude. (And even with higher fuel prices, it’s still cheaper than therapy.”

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Why I Love My Jeep

Look at all the gear! Photo: Lynn Jenna

I think I related most to this quote from Lynn Jenna. “Because it matches my personality.” I love that she hauls her toys in her Jeep, which some think is just a big toy anyways.

Why I Love My Jeep

Taking it easy with Snazzy. Photo: Leah McKenna Ruby

“We ordered Snazzy right before I started chemo and radiation. I’ve always wanted a Jeep and after my diagnosis, it was the perfect time. She is the ultimate stress relief, and she gives me strength every time I drive her, I feel like I can conquer anything.”

Why I Love My Jeep

My high school sweetheart. Photo: Jim Chesley

Some Jeep Owners Never Get Rid Of their First Jeep. Like This story from Jim Chesley “Here is my ‘54 CJ3B which I restored in ‘76 then it was in the barn for 38 yrs and dugout & revived for my 40th class reunion. So it was my High School Sweetheart that never broke my heart & now it’s my midlife crisis Classic Convertible.”

Why I Love My Jeep

Throwback of Jim and his Jeep. Photo: Jim Chesley

Woohoo! Photo: Adeina Anderson

Woohoo! Photo: Adeina Anderson

Some Other Reasons Why I Love My Jeep

People love the freedom Jeep gives you to go anywhere. Freedom to drive with the doors off, and freedom from some of life’s altering situations. Some said they love having a Jeep because it reminds them of a time with a past family member. One of the members even has a Jeep from 1972. He has rebuilt it a couple of different times and still drives it today. The ability to drive with the top off and the doors off was another reason. They said it’s like a family-sized motorcycle. I loved all the comments about how owning a Jeep was a lifelong dream or purchasing it after beating cancer, or some other life-threatening disease. 

Rubber Duck On A Jeep

I’ve been ducked! Photo: Adeina Anderson

People Love Getting Ducked By Another Jeep Owner

Seeing your Jeep after it’s been “ducked” is now one of my favorite things about owning a Jeep. Ducking is a big part of the Jeep community; another Jeep owner will leave a rubber duck with a note somewhere on your Jeep saying you’ve been ducked. I received my first duck while I was on a road trip to Michigan. I will admit, I was pretty giddy to get it.

Why I Love My Jeep

Photo: Viviana Romo King

Jeep Friends Are The Best Kind Of Friends

I also asked a few of my Jeep-owning friends why they love their Jeeps. What made them buy a Jeep Wrangler, and how does driving their Jeep make them feel? This is a lifelong friend of mine from my hometown in Michigan. Viviana says  “I love my jeep. Kiasa my dog loves it best when the top is off. The benefits of a jeep are I can dry my hair on the way to work. Jeep hair is always the best.”

There are so many reasons to love a Jeep. I knew why I loved mine, but it was great fun learning why other owners love theirs.

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