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Ava Chovanetz attends Baylor University and will graduate with her Bachelor’s degree in December, 2023. She plans to pursue her Master’s Degree after graduation. She lives in Waxahachie, Texas and enjoys reading and writing on the weekends when she’s not in school as well as playing with her Australian Shepherd, Lewis.

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Easter Jeep Safari.
March 13, 2024
Easter Jeep Safari time is upon us, and lots of people will be flocking to the rocks in Moab for extreme fun. Here are some tips to make your off-roading adventure a safe success.
Best Family Road Trip Songs
October 22, 2023
Time in the car can fly by when you have the right road trip songs; cue these up and sing along, or take a bit of inspiration and make your own playlist!
The Art Of Racing In The Rain Audio Books
June 16, 2023
Audio books are easy to give, last a long time and complement the gift that so many of our dads gave us: the love of books. Classics and thrillers he’ll love.