The Mom Car: It’s All About Personality and Drive Time

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Like The Perfect Handbag, Mom’s Car Should Complement Her Drive Time and Individuality

Mom Car

Moms take more car trips per day than any other driver. How to find the perfect car to pair with Mom’s drive time and personality?

Mention a mom-mobile and odds are a minivan comes to mind, but that’s not what most moms want to be driving, I promise. Not the moms who see themselves as more than a mom. And why shouldn’t they be more? After all, a mom is a woman first.

Whether that means Moms are subtle and soft-spoken and prefer pastels, or bold and beautiful and looking to grab life by the, well, you know where I’m going – they want the car they spend so much time in to reflect their awesome individuality.

And don’t you think they deserve it? But finding a Mom car to fit both her personality and drive time isn’t always easy.

Moms Average More Time Behind The Wheel Than Other Drivers

After all, moms drive more on average and take more car trips per day than any other demographic. If they’re not running the kids around, Moms are still running from place to place.

Commuters spend 51 minutes round trip on an average commute (that’s nothing in cities like Atlanta). It adds up to 38 hours stuck in traffic each year.

We each log about 13,476 miles every year. That’s more than four times the distance from New York to Los Angeles. Over a lifetime, the average person spends about five and a half years of their life behind the wheel.

Women bought about 27.5 million cars last year alone, buying 50% of vehicles, or about 75,000 every day, and influencing 85% of all purchases!!

So, isn’t it time to make mom feel awesome again? Park that minivan and consider these three options that Chevrolet let me test-drive on a recent press trip through Tennessee. I’m breaking them down based on family size (because, again, it really comes down to how many people you can fit in the car when it comes to your kids).

How To Find the Perfect Car For Moms

With so many miles and so little time, how do busy moms find the perfect car to fit their drive time — and budget?  Consider these three  Chevrolet cars catering to busy moms.

The 2014 Chevy Malibu

If you’re just dipping your toe into the mommyhood ocean, the 2014 Chevrolet Malibu is a great first choice. Recent buyers say it’s the style that sold them on this purchase, and the Malibu has personality as well as plenty of room in the back for an infant car seat (or two).

Mom Car

Chevy Malibu’s style, personality and room shows Moms why it is a great first choice.

The Chevrolet Malibu is a midsize sedan making a name for itself with its fuel economy. A standard Ecotec 2.5L engine gets 36 MPG highway and is first in its class to offer stop/start technology as a standard feature.

It offers affordable luxury…not that those babies will appreciate it quite yet. You’ll have to teach them that part later. Another plus is Chevy’s technology: the SIRI eyes-free functionality and text-to-voice capabilities to keep you and the little ones safe—and connected—on the road.

The 5-passenger Chevrolet Equinox

For moms who want a slightly larger car with four wheel drive capability, crossovers have become the go-to. Chevrolet’s Equinox

Mom Car

The Chevrolet Equinox, acompact crossover, offers comfort and fuel efficiency for busy Moms with long drive times.

is a good  value for the money, because, you know, with all these kids we still need to watch every dollar and still feel pampered.

This compact crossover and offers an EPA estimated 32 MPG on the highway— more than the standard four cylinder in other compact crossovers. And, it has the MyLink system with Siri Eyes Free and text message alerts.

There’s a 60/40 split-folding ‘smart slide’ seat which gives you options for kids, adult passengers or cargo; everyone is comfortable and there’s room for your stuff, too.

The 8-passenger Chevy Traverse

Mom Car

A Mom car with lots of room for your kids and their friends? Yes to the Chevy Traverse.

The Chevy Traverse provides lots of room but is still a manageable size. This guy is all about seating capacity. If you have more kids, you’re going to need more places to put them (and their friends!), and this is a pretty cool crossover that comes with space for people AND cargo.

The third row leg room is the part to write home about here. That’s good news if your kids are in the older age range, with the longer legs that come with it.

There’s also added safety with the front center side airbag (in case you’re t-boned in an accident).

Moms will like the attention to detail on the interior with real stitching and accent lighting. And you won’ t have a hard time keeping up with your to-do list with the MyLink Connectivity, Bluetooth and Smart Phone integration. I think teens will probably like that part, too: they’ll never miss a snapchat and they can connect their own smartphone playlists to the car’s system through Bluetooth—if you’ll let them, that is.

What do you listen to in that car of yours? If you’ve graduated from ‘Wheels On The Bus’ To ‘Automatic,’ then click here.

Disclosure: A portion of my travel expenses were covered by Chevrolet but I was not compensated otherwise.  As always, my opinion remains my own.

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