OnStar and Chevy: The Perfect Partnership

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Chevy Onstar

Buy a 2015 Chevy, and receive 5 years of OnStar Basic Plan.

Buy a 2015 Chevy, and receive 5 years of OnStar Basic Plan.

Chevy OnStar Brings Security, Safety and Navigation To Your Car

My first introduction to OnStar in a Chevy was during a TravelingMom retreat, but I’d heard about OnStar’s epic service prior to my May visit – and how the touch of  OnStar’s Emergency button saved a life.

Driving on southwest Colorado backroads in a Chevy Avalanche, my friends happened upon a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately all cell phones were in the dead zone without service.  Fortunately, my friends pushed their OnStar Emergency Button and help was on the way.

During  the Disney TravelingMom retreat, test drives for several Chevrolets were set up near the convention center of BoardWalk Inn.  When a group of moms climbed into the Chevrolet Tahoe for an Orlando scavenger hunt, we experienced OnStar first-hand.

During this hour while driving the Tahoe, we experienced first hand the OnStar customer service, placing several calls by simply pressing the blue button, located on the inside rear view mirror. We were lost and the customer service rep remotely downloaded turn-by-turn directions to our Navigation system. We did learn that there is a learning curve for first time users of OnStar (all of us).

Chevy OnStar: Global Leader

OnStar is the Global leader in delivering connected safety, security and information services. Every 2 seconds OnStar reacts with a customer. In just one month, OnStar receives 4+million blue button pushes; 3.5+ million turn-by-turn requests; 100,000+ emergency responses; and 142,000 door unlocks.

Here’s an overview of what OnStar offers:

OnStar RemoteLink™ mobile app to:

  • Reach an advisor
  • View your full OnStar
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Remotely unlock your doors
  • Remotely start your vehicle


  • make and receive calls
  • access saved destinations and stocks updates

Blue button

Emergency button

  • get a priority connection to trained Emergency Advisors
  • request police, fire or medical help
  • report an accident
  • request help for someone else on the road

Currently when you buy a 2015 Chevy vehicle you receive five years of a new OnStar Basic Plan – and six months of OnStar Directions & Connections — yet another reason OnStar and Chevrolet are the perfect partnership.

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