Jeep Has Some Powerful Goodies In Store: Meet the Jeep Wagoneer S and Wagoneer Trailhawk

The Jeep Wagoneer S With Scotty Reiss
The Jeep Wagoneer S with Scotty Reiss Credit: Scotty Reiss

Yes, you read that right: Wagoneer—Jeep Wagoneer—and Wagoneer Trailhawk. Jeep gave us a lot to unpack this week as executives showed off its new electric SUV and surprised the world with an all electric Wagoneer Trailhawk.

That there are electric vehicles on Jeep’s horizon isn’t surprising. But Wagoneer is also now formally a Jeep off-shoot rather than a separate brand as it was originally. And that’s just the start of what is new and exciting here, but roots run deep and sprout large branches. And Jeep is branching out in many ways.

See our full video walk around here!

Now part of the Jeep family, Jeep Wagoneer S, in a single Launch Edition trim priced at $72,000, is the first all-electric car from Jeep for sale in North America. It promises to be a powerful contender in the electric SUV category. It’ll deliver 600 HP, have a range of more than 300 miles and Jeep says its fast-charging system can replenish 80% of the charge in 23 minutes at a DC fast charger. And the Launch Edition comes pretty fully loaded with all the features we saw on the pre-production model, from massaging seats to a panoramic sunroof.

Reservations for the Jeep Wagoneer S are open, so read on; this is what the first all electric Jeep is all about.

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The Iconic Look of Jeep, Modernized

The Jeep Wagoneer S Front End Is Defined By The Light Bar And Lighted Sarge Grille
Scotty Reiss

Still an Iconic Shape and Style in the Jeep Wagoneer S

The Rear Of The Jeep Wagoneer S
Scotty Reiss

An Open Rear Spoiler Guides the Air, and Efficiency

The Open Spoiler On The Rear Of The Jeep Wagoneer S
Scotty Reiss

All Jeep But Also, Wagoneer

The Jeep Wagoneer Badge
Scotty Reiss

The S Badge Is Found On the Rear Pillar

The Jeep Wagoneer S Badge
Scotty Reiss

Inside, Familiar Jeep and Wagoneer Details

A View Of The Front Seat In The Jeep Wagoneer S
Scotty Reiss

The Jeep Wagoneer S Has a Squircle!

The Squircle Steering Wheel Improves Visibility In The Jeep Wagoneer S
Scotty Reiss

Leatherette and Recycled Materials Lend an Air of Luxury

The Front Seat Of The Jeep Wagoneer S
Scotty Reiss

CCS for Now, NACS For Later

The Ccs Plug On The Jeep Wagoneer S
Scotty Reiss

A Large Tailgate … But No 3rd Row

Cargo Area Is Huge In The Jeep Wagoneer S
Scotty Reiss

Surprise! Meet the Jeep Wagoneer Trailhawk

Jeep Wagoneer Trailhawk Front End
Scotty Reiss

True Jeep Details Set the Wagoneer Trailhawk Apart

Jeep Wagoneer Trailhawk
Scotty Reiss

And, There are Easter Eggs, of Course!

All Terrain Tires On The Jeep Wagoneer Trailhawk
Scotty Reiss

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