Fiat 500e: Small Car, Big Personality, Zero Emissions

The Fiat 500E
The Fiat 500e will give you smiles for miles. Credit: Liv Leigh

Ciao bella! Craving a taste of Italy without the airfare? Say “buongiorno” to the Fiat 500e, a miniature slice of the Amalfi coast cruising through your neighborhood. A car so cute that it deserves its own theme song, Italy’s perky little Fiat 500e, which starts at $32,500, is finally back in North America, and we’re SO here for it.

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Music, Beauty Or Better Good Defines the 2025 Fiat 500e Model Options

Fiat Inspired By Music Photo Fiat

Who Can Resist That Face?

This Cute Little Ride Is Ready For An Adventure Liv Leigh
Liv Leigh

Warning: This Car May Cause Spontaneous Smiling

Fishy Fiat Liv
Liv Leigh

A Little Car with a Big Personality

2025 Fiat 500E
Liv Leigh

Charging the Fiat 500e

I Charged It At Home On Level 2 But It Can Fast Charge To 80 Percent In About 30 Minutes Photo Liv Leigh
Liv Leigh

Driving the Fiat 500e Is a Delight

Fiat 500E
Liv Leigh

It’s a Quiet Car So Road Noise Can Be Noticeable

Wheel Detail On The Fiat 500E. Photo Liv Leigh
Liv Leigh

A Rear Seat Built For Short Passengers

The Rear Seats Are A Tight Squeeze Even For A Small Adult Photo Liv Leigh
Liv Leigh

Easter Eggs Add to the Fun of the Fiat 500e

Fun Little Easter Eggs Await Your Discovery Photo Liv Leigh
Liv Leigh

Your Scoop of Gelato on Wheels

2025 Fiat 500E
Liv Leigh

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