Killer Cars: 8 Classic Horror Movie Cars

Killer Cars
In the Classic Horror Movie Joy Ride, an 18-wheeler stalks a passenger car 1971 Chrysler Newport. Photo: Joy Ride

As Halloween approaches, all things spooky begin to creep into our surroundings.

It’s the perfect time of year to watch some classic horror movies. In addition to blood-curdling screams, mask-wearing psychos, and creepy music, many horror movies feature cars that have become icons to their fans. Let’s step back in time and check out some classic horror movies where killer cars take center stage.

For me, it seems like just yesterday that I watched some of these cars wreak havoc on the big screen. Many of them had “minds” of their own and you never knew what was going to happen next. Others were used by the main characters to get away from the horrors that surrounded them. While I am a fan of vintage cars, I’m not sure if I’d drive these. Would you?

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Killer Cars: 8 Classic Horror Movie Cars We Love

Christine – 1958 Plymouth Fury

Perhaps the most famous killer car comes from the classic horror movie, Christine. “She” is a 1958 Plymouth Fury and the main character in the movie. Based on the Stephen King novel, Christine starts killing before she even leaves the production line. Decades later, a dorky guy names Arny buys a rusty Christine and somehow starts becoming the cool kid dating the prettiest girl in school. Unfortunately, Christine gets jealous and that’s where the horror in this movie truly gets started.

1958 Plymouth Fury

This 1958 Plymouth Fury is one of the 2 remaining models used in the movie. Photo from Wikipedia Commons

The Duel – 1971 Plymouth Valiant De Luxe

In this TV movie, mild-mannered David is a middle-aged salesman taking a business trip through the desert. He encounters a ramshackle tanker truck and passes it. The truck speeds up and roars past him and leaves him in the distance. The trouble starts when David stops for gas and the truck is there. The demonic truck begins to play a deadly cat-and-mouse game with poor David who must become his own hero in order to survive this duel. If this car can kick the ass of a huge demon truck, I’ll take it!

Classic Horror Movies With Killer Cars - Plymouth Valiant

This mild-mannered driver is about to be in the duel of his life. Photo from

Death Proof – 1970 Chevy Nova

In this Quentin Tarantino horror movie from 2007, the main character is Mike (played by hunky Kurt Russel) a stuntman who stages car accidents to murder women. In a conversation with one of his victims, he refers to the car as being “100% death proof.” Unfortunately for her, “Only to get the benefit of it, honey, you really need to be sitting in my seat.” confesses Mike. Whoops! Not the romantic drive she expected. On a day I’m feeling particularly badass, I might like to take this one for a spin.

Death Proof Horror Movie Car

You don’t want to catch a ride with this guy. Photo credit:

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Joy Ride – 1971 Chrysler Newport

College freshman, Lewis Thomas decides to take a cross-country drive to pick up his girlfriend, Venna. On the way, he takes a detour to pick up his trouble-making brother, Fuller. Fuller convinces Lewis to play a prank on a trucker over the CB radio. This trucker, only known by his CB handle, Rusty Nail, turns this joy ride into a road trip of terror.

Vintage 71 Chrysler Newport.

Lewis sells his plane ticket to purchase this vintage Chrysler Newport. Photo credit: Fox Entertainment Group.

Cujo – 1978 Ford Pinto Runabout

The movie Cujo involves a mother and her son trapped inside their car without food or water during a heatwave. Why are they trapped? Well, an enormous and rabid St. Bernard (Cujo) attacks them with any attempt to leave the car. So, in this case, the car is more of a hero rather than a villain. My mother had a friend with this car. At the time, I was unaware that it could save us from a rabid dog attack. The 1978 Ford Pinto Runabout is definitely a classic car of the time period.

Classic Horror Movie Cars - Ford Pinto Runabout

Highwayman – 1972 Cadillac El Dorado

In this classic, Rennie tries to track down the man who killed his wife. The killer drives this massive Cadillac Eldorado to stalk and kill young women via car accidents. Rennie is determined to stop this madman once and for all.

Killer Cars From Classic Horror Movies - 1972 Cadillac Eldorado From The Movie Highwayman

A serial killer uses this vintage car to stalk and kill his victims. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

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The Birds – 1950 Aston Martin DB2/4 Drophead Coupe

Alfred Hitchcock often used vintage cars in his horror movies. While none of them are the villains, they certainly have killer looks. In the movie The Birds, actress Tippi Hedren drives this gorgeous Aston Martin convertible. This is a car I would definitely drive. The only problem is poor Tippi is stuck in a convertible during an attack of demonic birds. Not a wise choice.

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Aston Martin Used In The Movie The Birds

I’d drive this gorgeous Aston Martin convertible any day where birds don’t attack. Photo from

The Car – Lincoln Continental Mark III

4 versions of this killer black car were customized specifically for the movie. While not a true classic horror movie, it does have a cult following. Similar to the movie Christine, The Car is evil from the start. It’s responsible for a string of hit-and-run murders and hunky James Brolin (Sheriff Wade Parents) comes in to investigate what is going on. It comes to a head when The Car threatens a parade put on by local school children. This one’s a bit too overwhelming for my taste. Would you drive it?

The Car Is A Menacing Customized 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark Iii

Can you imagine this menacing vehicle racing up behind you? Photo from Wikipedia Commons

So there you have it. While these movies may not be “classic” for everyone, they are worth a look if only for these incredible killer cars. Which one would you drive?

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